E is for Erotica

I have been approached by one of the authors to review their soon-to-be-published book, E is for Erotica. I was told that it’s a “Dr. Seuss” for adults; a light-hearted, rhyming, risqué romp from A to Z.
My interest was piqued, and I have to say that I am not sorry I said yes to a review!

E is for Erotica

The Book

The book itself counts only 43 pages and is meant as a coffee-table gift book. The contents ‘discusses’ sexy things from A to Z, like the title implies: E is for Erotica. Other things you find in the book is G is for Golden Showers, M is for Milf and S is for Spanking, but of course there is so much more.

On the cover of the book you see a statue and around it many of the faces you will encounter in the book too, because there are not only words inside, but the illustrations to support the words have been done beautifully, and a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’.

The Authors

On the Kickstarter page of this project, I found the following about the authors:

Jordan Rawlins and I (F.C.) met while we were both volunteering for a local children’s literacy program, where he approached me with the concept for E is for Erotica. His first draft tickled the deepest recesses of my soul, and I was hooked. I knew immediately that I wanted to illustrate it with a friendly and unassuming cartoon style, to highlight the fact that the subject is meant to be fun (even if sometimes disturbing).

It is quite obvious, from their own words (there are more to read on the mentioned page), that these two had a lot of fun creating the book, but also that they have considered and reconsidered every word, every drawing, everything they have put into this book to bring you a quality product, and a lovely gift for yourself or someone else.

The Characters

Inside the book Beardo McWeirdo is the first person narrator, taking us on the A to Z journey with his words. He is always in the illustrations too, with others, and his expressions are worth a million words. The other ‘characters’ in the book are only in the illustrations and they are only there to bring the words alive.

The Story

This isn’t a book where a story starts at the letter A and runs through to the letter Z. No, each letter deals with one letter of the alphabet, and tells us more about one subject. The words are all in verse form with a lovely rhythm and rhyming scheme. I chuckled at some of the words, nodded my head at others and at times the words were endearing.

Reading through the book there were times I found myself reading too quickly, and missing the point. The words almost ‘forces’ you to take your time, to savor every word, to feel the rhythm, to understand what you are reading. It is clear from this that the authors have put in a lot of effort to really make every word count.

My Opinion

I think from the above you can understand that I LOVE this book. It’s fun and informative (yes, I learned about things I didn’t know) and it will really make a lovely gift! Even though I didn’t have a paper version in my hands, I know that this book will be of high quality, because that’s what these two authors have delivered inside their book: quality. I am sure they will see to it that the finished product is just as good.

It’s been long ago that I did a book review and I am happy that I can award some stars again, but before I do, I have more information for you. If you want to buy this book, the Kickstarter page will give you all information about ordering it and the delivery details.

5 star review

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