Curious Girl

“Can I watch? Oh please, say I can, please! Please, please!”

Neena’s excited voice made Tom smile. The last couple of weeks she had started to show more interest in what he did with his other slaves. Not that Neena was technically a slave of him. No, their arrangement was only for him to give her a thorough spanking once a week, but he had an inkling that she wanted to watch because she was interested in more.

“Come on,” he said, “Avery will be ready by now.”
His smile broadened when Neena squealed with delight.

As they entered the dungeon, Avery stood waiting patiently with her legs spread and her hands interlocked behind her head. She was stark naked. A quick, surprised glance was shot in Neena’s direction, who waited just inside the door. Avery didn’t know that Neena would be there. Tom raised his eyebrow in a silent question when his slave looked at him. Avery turned her eyes back to Neena again and nodded at Tom.

This time Neena didn’t squeal, but she instantly walked towards Avery and slowly walked around her. Without shame she took everything in -Avery’s slender body, small, pert tits and her moderate bottom, but also her opened cunt lips and high rounded mound. Neena, on the other hand, had huge, round breasts and an equally rounded ass. Her cunt was the total opposite of Avery’s, where the cunt lips were mostly closed. Tom was quite aware of these differences, as was Neena while she walked around Avery.

Tom now walked around Avery too, and his hand softly followed the lines of her body. Her nipples were hard. Her cunt was slightly wet, but not as wet as he knew it could be.

“Neena is here to judge you today,” Tom told Avery as he stood right in front of her.
“Yes, Master.”

Avery took several steps forward towards Neena and presented her breasts. The other woman looked a bit awkward and then Avery presented her openings.

“You may touch her,” Tom told Neena.
Shyly Neena touched Avery’s breasts and then touched her nipples as if she wanted to be sure that they were really as hard as they looked.

Tom lead Avery to a chain that hung from the ceiling in the middle of the dungeon. He put cuffs around her wrists, clipped then together and used a carabine to attach them to the ceiling chain. Avery spread her legs, as she knew she should. While Tom took out some whips, he noticed that Neena was now shamelessly touching Avery’s cunt. She only stopped when Tom came closer, but she didn’t move away. Neena stood right in front of Avery, observing her face.

The whip cracked and snapped on Avery’s back. She pulled against her restraints and swallows the pain. Passion flared in Neena’s eyes as she watched change in the facial expressions of the other woman. Using a crop, Tom hit Avery’s bottom. She huffed and puffed but stayed silent. It was clear that she was in pain.

When Tom paused, Neena touched Avery’s cunt again.
“Wow, this really makes her wet!”
“The same with you when I spank you, right?”
“That’s true.”
Tom had never touched Neena’s pussy during a spanking, but the escaping moisture was always a telltale sign of her excitement.

Tom put a screw clamp in Avery’s nipple and slowly tightened it. Her breathing quickened. Tom took a step back to allow her to accept the pain.
“You can try too if you want,” he told Neena, who quickly step forward and turned the screw slightly to tighten the screw some more. Avery moaned loudly, causing Neena to jerk her hands back and look at Tom as if she had done something wrong. Tom just smiled. Neena turned the screw a bit more. Avery moaned louder and Neena stopped, now watching to see how Avery mastered the pain.

In the meantime Tom had a paddle in his hand.
“You know this one, right?” he asked Neena.
“Oh yes,” she said, laughing.
The paddle landed hard on the top of Avery’s other breast, the one without the clamp. She screamed out in pain and jumped backwards, as far as her restraints allowed her.
“Wow!” Neena exclaimed.
Three times more the paddle hurt Avery’s breast, the last time right on the nipple. Tears streamed down her eyes; her breathing came in huffs and puffs. Tom removed the clamp and allowed Avery some rest.
“Wow,” Neena said again and softly touched Avery’s breasts.

Tom pushed a finger into Avery’s cunt and slipped his finger up to her swollen clitoris. He as not done with her just yet. Leaving her for a bit more to recover, he came back with electrodes which he attached to her inner labia. He sent tiny shocks to her cunt, and then opened the dial for a continuous current. A moaned and wriggled and begged. Tom stopped.

“Want to try?” he asked Neena.
“Uhh, yes.”
Neena did exactly the same as Tom did, tiny shocks then a continuous currrent. Once more Avery begged for it to stop. Tom detached the electrodes. Avery stumbled back into position, spreading her legs and waiting for what her master had in mind next. Tom removed her restraints and pushed her towards a spanking bench. She leaned over the bench and automatically spread her legs. Tom entered her from behind and while he fucked her hard, Neena took Avery’s face in her hands and watched every emotion cross her face, thanking her for the opportunity to be part of their session.

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