Club Visit

Kevin and his wife, Penny, entered the club like they did every Saturday evening and had been doing for the past thirty years. They went to the dressing rooms and changed. When they entered one of the play areas, Kevin wore boxer shorts and a T-shirt, while Penny was completely naked and barefoot. Kevin held onto the leash attached to Penny’s collar and found a quiet place to sit. Penny sat at his feet. While Kevin enjoyed a glass of champagne, occasionally dipping his fingers in it and letting Penny lick it from his hand, familiar faces walked by. Some of them stopped for a talk; the most of them stroke Penny’s body.

A young couple – both in their twenties – sat across the room from Kevin and Penny. Kevin had never seen them in the club before and from their demeanor, he understood that everything here was new to them. They frequently looked at Penny. Clearly she was the subject of their conversation.

It took almost an hour for them to find the courage to walk up to Kevin. His trained eye told him that the couple was interested in BDSM but that they didn’t yet know what their roles were in this new setting.

Coyly they greeted Kevin.
“Is this your slave?”
Kevin nodded in agreement while he kept his eyes fixed on them.
Penny didn’t move or show any reaction. Kevin jerked the leash and Penny immediately jumped up and into position: her hands in her neck and her legs spread. The couple was clearly impressed with Penny’s discipline and openness. Penny’s droopy tits clearly fascinated the young man while his companion constantly looked at the clearly visible labia. Kevin got up and ran his hand over Penny’s tummy and tits. The girl walked around to see Penny’s backside.

“She’s not that young anymore,” the young woman stated the obvious.
Inwardly Kevin sighed and then he said: “She’s 58 and still in top form.”
A short silence followed.
“May we touch her?” the young man asked.

Kevin’s answer was a short jerk on the leash in the direction of the high table in the room. Penny immediately reacted and without any further command she lay down on the table, on her back and pulled her legs up to fully expose herself. Kevin looked at the couple and then ran his finger through Penny’s slit to open her up some more.
“She doesn’t bite,” he teased.
Carefully the couple touched her, almost caressing her, but soon their touching became bolder. Kevin liked their almost virginal unease. He spread Penny’s cunt and bottom to give the couple a good view on all her openings. While they watched, he pinched Penny’s nipples to harden them.

“Does she never respond?” the young woman asked.
“Oh yes, she does,” Kevin said, pinching and twisting a nipple until Penny cried out.
“Will it stay dry?” the young man finally dared to ask something.
“Oh she can get very wet, but it takes some time. You have to work for it. It’s her age,” Kevin explained. He ran his finger over her clitoris and then pushed two fingers inside. Penny was still totally dry.
“Do you want to get her wet?” Kevin asked the young man, who clearly had a large erectopn in his pants.
“No. No,” he answered, backing up a bit and looking at his companion.

“Had the labia always been like that?” the woman asked.
“No, they have stretched some during all the sessions. Do you like it?”
“I don’t know…”
“Thirty-five years of torture leaves its marks.”
“Is she really tortured?”
“Just about weekly.”
“I couldn’t do that,” the young woman said.
“She’s 24/7.”
“Does she have to be…?”
“She has to be available every day, yes.”
“Does she want that too?”
Kevin jerked the leash and Penny answered with a smile: “Yes, I do.”

“Okay, thank you,” the young woman said and the couple walked away, looking back at the table a couple of times. Kevin, excited by the questions of the couple, but more so by the sight of his wife, pushed his boxers down and push his hard cock deep into Penny’s cunt, despite the fact that she was still almost dry. He fucked her hard and emptied his balls deep inside her. Later that evening, while walking from room to room, Penny on a leash and his come running and drying up down her legs, he saw the young couple again. She sat across him and he held onto her hips while she rode his cock. Clearly she’s in charge, Kevin thought, but they don’t know it just yet.

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8 thoughts on “Club Visit

  1. How did I miss this one? Blog posts have gotten away from me. I don’t know but the way they see her she got to me a bit. I guess I just feel like I’m getting older and my body isn’t perfect. I enjoyed this story a lot

  2. I felt his internal sigh at a few of those questions, but I also know that’s how people learn. I’m not sure I could be so passive and open at the same time, but it’s fascinating to see someone else do it so well.

  3. Great story and so well told – I quite like to be a little uncomfortable when I am reading something at times – I read cause i want to think – I am certainly a fan of your style of writing Marie x

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