A Close Shave

Leo pulled me into the room the moment the door swung open. He pushed me against the closing door, covering my lips with his. His kiss was passionate, his tongue pushing into my mouth, his lips crushing mine.
“I want you naked, on your back, on the bed, legs spread,” he said, breathing into my mouth.
Before he said these words I was already wet. Hearing these words awakened the butterflies in my tummy.

He pushed me down the short hallway and when I saw the bed, I was surprised to see a towel spread out on it. I quickly pulled off my clothes, and soon I was in the position he wanted me in. My legs dangled off the bed and my bottom was on the towel. I expected him to go down on me, to bring me to some squirting orgasms. That was what the towel was for, right?

However, he disappeared into the bathroom and from the sounds I heard I couldn’t derive what he was doing. My eyes grew wide when he appeared in my line of sight. In his hands he held a razor, some shaving creme, a bowl of hot water and a washcloth. Suddenly I understood. He had told me not to shave for at least three weeks before we would meet, because he wanted to experience what it was like to lick a woman with a full bush.

“Put your feet on the bed and spread your legs wide,” he said.
I did as I was told and at the same time I reached up and pulled two pillows under my head. I wanted to see what Leo did to me.
“Just look at that cunt,” he said, his eyes fixed on that place between my legs, “it’s spread so nicely. It’s wet. You’re such a horny slut.” With these words he looked at my face. While his eyes captivated mine, he pushed a finger deep into my wetness, causing me to lift my hips and push against his finger. He quickly pulled out again.

“A greedy slut too! But before I give you what I know you want, it’s time to make this pussy presentable again. All that hair. Yuck!”
A jolt of horniness went through my body when I heard his disapproval. I spread my legs even more to give him full access to my pussy.

After the warmth of the washcloth, the cold of the shaving creme made me shiver in a different way. The moment the razor touched my skin, I shivered again. I so hoped he would be careful. My muscles tightened in anticipation. Stroke by stroke he removed the hair on my mound. The closer he moved to her labia, the more she tightened her muscles. Carefully he ran the razor up and down her labia. She wanted to tell him to go only with the grain of the hair, but he was concentrating so hard not to cut her that she didn’t want to break the spell.

He didn’t use the washcloth to rinse my cunt, but pour some water over it to wash away the excess foam. The warmth of the water ran down my softer flesh, pooling under my bottom and soaking into the towel and the bed. I pushed my pelvis up, shivering with something between delight and horniness. Leo ran his fingers over my smooth flesh and then pushed two into my cunt. Soon he added a third and I expected to be brought to orgasm, but then he stopped.

“Turn over,” he said.
I did as I was told. He spread shaving cream between my cheeks and told me to pull them apart. I felt a blush coloring my cheeks, but again did as I was told. I wanted to pull away when the razor touched my anus, but I kept still. Ever so slowly he shaved me. It felt even more intimate than when he shaved my pussy. I wanted him to push a finger inside. Not my pussy. But, what I wanted was not important. Leo set the pace. Leo decided. Leo lead. I followed.

More water runs over my intimate parts and down my legs, but before surprise could strike, my legs were pulled backwards and hung over the bed. His cock was in me in an instant, pushing in my wetness. A finger or thumb pressed against my anus. The harder he fucked me, the more the pressure against my dark entrance increased. Soon his finger slipped inside and he fucked my arse in the same tempo he fucked my cunt.

This time it was not water seeping into the towel and bedding, but my climax. Fluids squirted from my cunt and ran down my legs, and his. By the time his cock convulsed and emptied his balls inside me, I had come two more times. He fell on top of me, pinning me on the bed. His weight was comforting and all I could think was: “and all this because of a shave…”

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  1. Yes! I’ve been shaved by my partner and although he didn’t add the sexiness in because he wanted to do it right and not hurt me, it was damn hot!

  2. So one of the things I liked is the inspection/ownership aspect just before the shaving. That made me squirm a bit and I can never articulate why wrk enough. Just the possessive talk right before the delicate and sexy act does it for me. So sexy

  3. very hot – I love my man shaving me too thou it’s more of a routine ritual than a sexy scene like this x

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