Whipping Torture

“So you like to play with your Womanizer?”
“Yes,” I answer, feeling my face turning red.
“And I believe you have tired out quite a couple of positions with it?”
Suddenly I knew. He had read my blog.
“Roll over, and feel free to use your toy.”

I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. Question was: what did he had in mind?

I positioned the Womanizer between my legs and rolled over onto my tummy. The toy was now trapped between my body and the bed beneath me. My hands were under my chest to support me. I stayed still, but almost jumped when his hand ran the length of my body, from shoulder, over my back, down to my bottom and down my leg to my foot. Then back up on the other side. At first I was a bit tense, not knowing what to expect, but gradually I relaxed under his touch.

“You will stay in this position until I tell you to move. Understood?”
“Yes, Mijnheer,” I said, and at the same time I wondered how long I would be able to stay still with the toy huffing and puffing between my legs.

For a few seconds, I was confused about the burning sensation across my bottom. Then I realized: the whip! Lash after lash kissed my ass and I found myself fucking the Womanizer beneath me. So many times I had this fantasy, to be whipped (or even caned) while the toy sucked my clitoris. To feel pain and pleasure at the same time. Have I written about this before? I couldn’t remember. How did he know about this desire of mine? Did I tell him? I couldn’t remember that either. Maybe he just… knew? Like he knows so many other things long before I say it?

My mind was snapped back to the pain as several lashes landed on my ass in quick succession. I pressed my cunt into the toy, and had to back off quite quickly as the vibrations was just a bit too much. Soon it was like we were dancing – we found a rhythm in him whipping me and me fucking the toy. Pain and pleasure. Pleasure and pain. Wanting to stop. Wanting more. My orgasm build. The pain made it almost disappear, and then it started building again. Pain and pleasure fought to win. I decided to risk it, and moved my hand to the toy to turn up the vibrations. He saw it and two extra hard lashes landed on my behind. I moaned, but I had already reached my goal.

I was now literally fucking the toy, bucking my hips. I longed for the next shot of pain, while at the same time my orgasm build. The pain couldn’t erase my orgasm anymore. It built with every lash, every vibration, every puff of the toy. Just in time, I remembered…

“Please may I come, Mijnheer?”
“Not yet.”
More lashes followed.
“Please, Mijnheer?”
“Please what?”
I knew he was buying more time. More lashes rained on my behind.
“Please, Mijnheer. Please, may I come. Please?”
“Are you pleading, slut?”
More lashes.
“Yes, Mijnheer. Please, please, please may I come?”
“You may.”

It took several seconds more and a couple of lashes before my orgasm flowed through my body – from my toes and my head right to the center of my body, my cunt. My body stiffened and it was only when I relaxed again that I realized he was sitting in the bed next to me, his hands following the same lines as they did before, stroking my body.

I had no idea how he knew this was a fantasy, but I didn’t care as it wasn’t a fantasy anymore and it was much better than I ever imagined it to be.

© Rebel’s Notes

12 thoughts on “Whipping Torture

  1. Unf. I’ve done a doxy between my thighs while I’ve received a paddling and loooved it. Just reading this was enough to make me relive that.

  2. Found it on Lovehoney, they are not cheap, so do you recommend this, ice got the magic wand, is it pretty much the same thing ? Xx

    1. The Womanizer indeed is not a cheap toy, but I think it’s worth every cent. However, this is personal, as there are others that don’t like it. The magic wand is something totally different but you can get the same effect using any vibrating toy and being whipped, I think.

  3. Very hot stuff, that really turned me on into wanting this too.
    Do you have a picture and blog about this womanizer ?
    I’m curious what it’s like.
    But serious hot stuff and so glad your fantasy turned real and you enjoyed it as much as you hoped you would. Xxxx

    1. I have two one for home and one for the Oasis (heaven forfend I take it up there and leave it behind accidently!!!). The model I have is the Pro40. I also have a Satisfier. But my Womaniser is definitely the fave, though I haven’t tried the position Rebel uses but I probably should.
      Indie xx

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