The Tail Job


Every time I see an image of someone wearing a tail, I love it! This past Sinful Sunday Molly, Bee and LSB all posted images of their tails, and I loved all of them. They look beautiful and sexy and playful!

No matter how much I like images of others wearing tails, I will never wear one myself.

Master T and I had talked about this many times. We totally understand the reason why people wear tails, but, where I absolutely love butt plugs there is nothing in me that have the desire to wear a butt plug with a tail. Master T would not want me to wear one either, because he just simply doesn’t like the idea of it. For me it goes a bit deeper. Imagining myself wearing a tail, I already feel ridiculous and I know that feeling will be even stronger if I am actually wearing a tail.

I do not identify as a pet, and I don’t think I ever will. I have every respect for others who do identify in this way, but it’s just not my kink. I think this is a good thing that we are not all the same and as long as we respect that others like different things than we do, there’s no harm done, right? That’s the essential of ‘your kink is not my kink but your kink is okay’.

So, I ask myself, why then am I intrigued by images of people wearing tails even though I have no interest in having one myself? I had a long, hard think about that (and almost didn’t write this post because the answer didn’t just come to me), but I think that it is because there is a butt plug attached to the tail. Like I said, I love wearing plugs, and seeing a tail and knowing the wearer is plugged – well that makes my juices flow. It instantly reminds me what it feels like when the plug nestles itself inside, what it feels like when I clench my muscles around the plug, how wet and slick my pussy becomes when I wear a plug.

It’s not the tails that excite me when I look at the images, it’s the plug attached to it.
No matter how beautiful a tail is, I will never wear it.

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4 thoughts on “The Tail Job

  1. I struggled for a long time. I’m not into pet play, it just doesn’t work for me but I do love butt plugs. So if I get to look cute and I get to wear a plug then I’m not going to overthink it anymore.

  2. I don’t think “I like looking at other people wearing __________” necessarily equates to “I want to wear that too.”

    You think other people look cute in tails; you don’t have any desire to wear one yourself. This makes perfect sense to me. I think strappy high heels look sexy on some women; I have zero desire to wear them myself. There are certain shades of lipstick I find to be gorgeous on my friends’ lips even though I wouldn’t personally wear that color if you paid me to.

    It’s the same principle.

    Appreciation is not covetousness. “I like” does not mean “I want.” 🙂

  3. Nothing wrong with not being drawn to tails or pet play. Pet play isn’t really my think in spite the kitten name attached. I do like wearing a tail for the feelings of increased submission it inspires in me. That I love a lot. Plus, I love the way it swishes against my leg.

  4. I don’t identify as a pet or animal, and He doesn’t see me this way either. However, from the time I was a small girl I wondered what would it be like if humans had tails? Would they all be similar, or be as different as every species who have tails? Would some be short and curly as a pig’s? What about feathered, as birds? And those long amazing horse tails… but they might drag and get soiled.

    When we began in this lifestyle I was intrigued by the plug-tails. We found one we both admired and it’s now part of our toy collection. I don’t wear it often. But the feel of it! Simply indescribable. It’s heavy, so as I walk and do my daily chores or routine it does get my juices flowing. But the very best part is the sublime feeling of the fur brushing across my skin whenever I walk or move. And Sir gets to admire it, touch it, caress it, and ultimately… fuck me while it’s in.

    So my point is everyone has different reasons for what they do, and none are exactly the same. I think diversity is amazing and so beautiful.

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