How Much?

The moment Elize slammed the back door behind her she knew: she had dressed too warm. Why could the weather in this country never be normal? If you don’t experience four seasons in one day, then you go from freezing cold weather the one day to a hot summer’s day the next and then back again. The weathermen had once again been wrong in their forecast and now there was no time to go back and change. In half an hour she had to give a presentation and she still had a twenty-minute drive to the office. She hoped there weren’t any traffic jams on her way to the office!

* * * * * * * * * *

Exhausted and irritated Elize plopped into her chair. What a morning! She was famished. She glanced at the clock on the wall while she reached for her bag. Officially the lunch hour was over, but here, behind her desk, she could still eat her sandwich while she scrolled through her email. But… Elize had no sandwich. The sandwich she had prepared that morning was not in her bag.
Elize couldn’t help her swearing. This was just too much. She grabbed her bag from her desk, her coat from the coat rack in the corner of her office and rushed to the manager’s office.
“See you tomorrow,” she said and without waiting for an answer, she stormed out of the building. She felt dirty and sweaty because of her warm clothes and again she cursed the weather forecasters.

An hour later, Elize sat in the sun on a terrace with a glass of wine in her hand. Normally she won’t drink during daytime, but after the warm, chaotic morning and a lovely lunch, she thought she deserved a glass of wine. She took the last sip of her wine, put the glass on the table and stretched her legs in front of her. Her short skirt left her legs exposed to tan in the hot spring sun. She closed her eyes and turned her face in the direction of the sun. A pleasant warmth too possession of her body and nestled in her loins.
“Can I offer you something else, miss?”
Elize was slightly annoyed by the interruption of her well-deserved rest. Keeping her eyes shut, she asked for another glass of wine. Showering at home an hour before was the first step towards a relaxing afternoon and that second glass of wine was exactly what she needed to allow the last bit of irritation to flow from her body.

The glass of wine didn’t bring Elise only the relaxed feeling she wanted. That, in combination with the sun, had her core temperature running sky high. Bloody horny, slightly tipsy and now pleasantly overheated, Elize paid her bill. Instead of going back to her apartment, she turned in the opposite direction. Left here, right there and in no time she was in the red light district of the city. Doors to the rooms were open and scantily clad ladies of the night stood in the glorious sunshine, chatting with each other.

The ladies of the night are also called ladies of light morals, Elize thought, but why? They are here to earn their money, right? Why are the men who visit them never described as ‘men of light morals’ or ‘men of the night’? Oftentimes those gentlemen certainly have more to hide than these ladies? Would women also knock on these doors and pay for a ‘treatment’? That should be possible, or are these ladies exclusively for men?

A slender lady appeared behind one of the windows. Her milky-white skin was a sharp contrast with the bright red lingerie set she wore – bra, suspenders, stockings and knickers that covered just enough. With a smile and her head slightly slanted, she looked at Elize, who could only stare at the stunning appearance. Between her legs the longing increased.

The door opened and Elize carefully stepped inside. The two women didn’t speak. They kissed. Elize willingly allowed the woman to pull her skirt and knickers down. She stepped out of it and the beauty pulled her to the bed. Her legs were spread softly once she was on her back. The hot breath of the beautiful woman kissed her lusty flesh before her tongue gently tasted her waiting horniness. Elize moaned when a tongue lightly touched her pinkness and lips closed around her button and sucked it in with force. A finger slipped inside her and touched her special spot in such an expert manner that her orgasm exploded within seconds. Fluids escaped and nestled under her buttocks. The lips didn’t leave her pussy, but slurped her fluids. Fingers moved in a rhythmic dance with the tongue until her body announced the next climax.

“Well then!” said a shrieking voice. Elize’s eyes grew wide as she looked at the beautiful woman, not understanding that a voice like that belongs to so much beauty. “Wha’di’ye’want? This no’di’place to stare! Com’on! Scoot!”

Elize walked away, blushing. She had actually been daydreaming, staring at the beautiful lady. She turned onto a random street, but then stopped abruptly. A shiver ran through her body. Her nipples were hard, her crotch wet. Her daydream flashed through her mind. Why not? she thought and instantly turned around. Confident she walked back to the pretty lady with the terrible voice.
“How much?” she asked. “How much to lick my pussy?”

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13 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. I love the ending, and also love the fantasy playing out in my head of actually doing something like it. I wouldn’t, but it’s fun to imagine it. As Elize knows very well, lol.

  2. Even since I had a lap dance at a club with a girl who was clearly into me being female I have wondered what it would be like to be with a sex worker. I think the lack of connection/emotions would totally work for me


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