Everything is temporary.
Overthinking is a result of not letting go.

I have put a soft focus on this image, to resemble the lack of clarity in my life at this moment…

My thoughts have been and still are far too busy as I think about everything that has happened in the past 18-20 months. I try to give it a place, try to get my thoughts to be less frantic, but somehow, I just don’t succeed. I will, eventually, and will get back to a point where I can be one with myself again, and things become clearer than they have been for a long time.

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This picture is perfectly framed and it exudes a raw power in its simplicity. I love the pose and setting and the accompanying text is perfect too. The subject matter is well presented in the pic with the soft focus and bleak surroundings. I hope that Rebel comes to terms with things and that this pic helped her come to terms with things. I love it, she looks amazing in it.