#30DayOrgasmFun The End

The last week of my #30DayOrgasmFun has totally fallen in the water, since I was down with the flu for most of the week. I worked half a day on Monday and then came home, slept all afternoon, came downstairs for dinner and some writing (yes, always writing) and then went back to bed again. The next morning I went to my work but I was so sick that all I wanted to do was cry. By half past nine I was back home again. The next two days were filled with sleeping, a bit of eating, more sleeping, a bit of writing and then back to bed again. I can’t remember when was the last time I slept that much.

Thursday was the first day I didn’t sleep during daytime, but I went to bed on time, because I was quite tired. On Friday I wanted to go out. I had been in the house for days and since it was a national holiday – King’s Day, as it was our King’s birthday – we went out for a drink. One drink became two, then three and by the time we got home it was close to midnight.

As I came out of the shower on Friday afternoon, and just before I got dressed, I grabbed my Womanizer and allowed it to perform its ‘tricks’ on me. But, I was restless and not focused at all, and gave up quite quickly. Saturday was different. Early afternoon I went upstairs for a shower and to get dressed. This time the Womanizer did its work well. What I thought was a well deserved orgasm, took hold of my body and left me more or less satisfied. More or less, because afterwards I felt sick again. I don’t know if it was the intensity of the orgasm or the effort I had to make (it took quite long for me to reach my orgasm) but the rest of the day I felt a bit sick on my stomach. Tummy cramps, nausea. Maybe the flu was just not over yet and my body was telling me to take it slow.

Sunday was a day with no orgasms, but I wasn’t going to let Monday – the last day of #30DayOrgasmFun pass by without an orgasm, so that night in bed I used my Womanizer again.

What has #30DayOrgasmFun taught me?

It showed me that I am definitely not back on the level of energy that I have been on before our ‘bad times’ started back in October 2016. Even though, when I started out, I really wanted to have at least one orgasm per day, I have now kept in mind that this is not about the orgasms, but about connecting with yourself and your body. I think I have definitely succeeded in that, as I didn’t try to force an orgasm from my body when my mind was not in the game too. Had I not done this, I might not have realized that my energy levels are still not to where they once have been. I hope they return to those levels, but I also understand that so many things have changed in our lives, that I might never get back to where I was (we were).

Thank you

Last, but not least, I want to thank Tabitha for sharing her #30DayOrgasmFun with the rst of us!

© Rebel’s Notes

© Rebel’s Notes

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One thought on “#30DayOrgasmFun The End

  1. Oh Marie – sorry you’ve been so poorly 🙁
    But delighted you’re starting to feel a little bit better – I truly hope your energy levels lift very soon – maybe you need a holiday – you’re so busy all the time! I’m in awe x x x
    thank you SO MUCH for joining in 30 days and sharing your experiences so beautifully x x

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