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Whenever I am in a sex toy store or I visit an online sex shop, I only look at sex toys for women. However, there are a lot of sex toys out there for men. Think of masturbators, about penis pumps, prostate stimulators, cock cages and the most simple of all, the cock rings. I say these are the most simple of all male sex toys, but frankly, I don’t know if it is.

Only female toys

Where I do occasionally test sex toys, I always only test sex toys for women.

The reason for this is that Master T has no desire at all to use any sex toys. Nothing to enhance feelings, nothing to support orgasms. Nothing.

This means that when I am asked to test a male sex toy, I always decline. First of all, not having a man who can use the toy to see whether the experience is what the toy promises, disqualifies me to test sex toys. Yes, I can describe what a toy is suppose to do and I can tell you what material it’s made of and how the controls – if any – works, but there are so many things I cannot tell you. How does it feel with a cock ring around your penis or your penis inside a masturbator? Does it feel the same for a man to wear a butt plug than it does for a woman? How does it feel when a prostate is stimulated? What are the effect of a cock cage? Yes, I know, that a man cannot get an erection, but what are the psychological effects for a man?

There is no way for me to tell you what the experience feels like, simply because I don’t have that one essential part: a penis.

About male toys

men sex toys

I am intrigued by some male sex toys, like one of those I have already mentioned: the cock ring. I would not have minded for Master T to try one at least once, simply so I could see if it would make his cock harder than hard. One thing I can totally not imagine Master T doing is having his prostate stimulated, whether by a toy or my finger. He is just not into it, and yes, this is a hard limit for him.

That there are sex toys for men out there and that more seems to be brought to the market, is a good thing. Just like women can derive pleasure from vibrating or penetrating toys, men should be able to do so too. I cannot tell you more about the mail sex toys, but thankfully there are websites out there that are devoted to male sex toys, and where you can find the information you are looking for.

No laughing matter

I remember in my teenage years and maybe even in my twenties that the only sex toy for men I knew about was sex dolls. And believe me, fun were made of those dolls as well as the men who used them. Not that I knew any men who used them, but there were jokes all around about it and a man using a sex doll was seen as pathetic. Thankfully I have grown up and learned that using any kind of sex toy should be something totally natural.

That’s why I had an open and honest conversation with our teen about sex toys, and I continue to do so. I believe the day she’s ready to buy a sex toy, she will come to me. And, I hope that if her boyfriend expresses the desire to have a sex toy of his own, she will come to me for advice too and I can direct her to the right place for more information.

So, you will continue to see the occasional review about a female sex toy, but for male sex toys you will have to visit other sites.

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  1. I would be you’re testperson for the prostate toy of fingers from u 😉

    Greetings Mark

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