Greedy Little Slut

She smiled at him when she entered the bedroom. To get to her side of the bed she had to pass him, where he sat in his recliner. Paul grabbed the fabric of her skirt to stop her.
“Hey, come on!” Carry said, with a half-smile, but also with a bit of irritation shining through in her voice. She was tired and wanted to go to bed.

“On your knees!”
“Pa-a-u-ul,” she moaned his name in dismay, “I’m tired.”
He moved so quickly that she was crying out in pain before she fully realized what had happened. Paul’s hand was in her hair.
“On. Your. Knees.”
With every word he pulled harder, forcing her on her knees, between his legs. Carry moaned as her face was forced towards his crotch. He pressed her face hard against his crotch, making her gasp for air as her nose was blocked. His hand patiently and tightly held her in position, until the slackening of her body was evident to her succumbing to his will. Paul’s grip relaxed slightly, enough for her to breath in through her nose again. Carry smelled his arousal. Only then she realized that his cock was rock hard beneath her face.

She hesitated only for a second. Her hands found the first button and when he didn’t stop her, she continued to unbutton his jeans. The tip of his cock was right in front of her face, pushing out from his underpants. Involuntarily, Carry licked her lips.
“I heard that,” Paul said and there was a chuckle in his voice.
“May I?” Carry asked.
“You have to.”
She tried to look up at him but his grip tightened again. Carry grabbed the sides of his denims and pulled. He wiggled his ass to help her get his pants down. His cock sprang free and twitched. Carry licked her lips again.

“Greedy slut.”
Carry smiled. She moved her hand to hold his cock.
“No hands.”
It didn’t help that he still had his hand in his hair, but eventually Carry managed to take his cock in her mouth. He moved with her as she lowered her mouth over his cock and then allowed it to almost slip out again, while she sucked and licked. Each time she took him in her mouth again, she felt his fingers tighten in her hair. Her moans were not only because she enjoyed sucking him, but also for the pain he caused.

“Keep your mouth open!”
In pure surprise Carry jerked her head up, causing his cock to pop from her mouth, and catching him off guard. He instantly pushed her head back down, creasing her nose against his cock. Precum smeared on her forehead. Paul’s free hand closed around his shaft.
“Mouth open!”
His cock filled her mouth again. He let go of his cock and at the same time his other hand pushed. Pushed her face lower. Forced his cock deeper into her mouth. Carrie wanted to swallow, but she kept her mouth open as she was ordered. The tip of his cock touched the back of her throat. She breathed in through her nose, trying to keep calm. A fraction of a second later she struggled back against his hand. She gagged and then he pulled her head up again. Tears had formed in her eyes. She took a deep breath of air just as Paul pushed down again. Once again he held her head firmly in place while she struggled against her gag reflex, and lost.

Over and over again he challenged her. Tears and saliva mixed. He released the grip on her hair only to grab it in a new place, but now his other hand grabbed a hand full of hair too. Holding onto the sides of her head and holding it in one place, he started bucking his hips and fucking her mouth. With each push in he touched her throat, but was gone quickly enough for her not to gag anymore. In and out. In and out. He moaned. All Carry did was to keep her mouth open. That was all she was. A mouth. An opening for him to fuck. Carry was reduced to nothing but a hole.

The moment the first spurt of semen touched the side of her mouth, she closed it. Carry didn’t care that she was ordered to keep her mouth open. She wanted every drop of him. His cock twitched one more time before she swallowed everything. Saliva. Tears. Semen.

Paul’s hands moved to her chin, lifting her face so she could look at him.
“My greedy little slut. Bedtime for you!”

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