“You’ve got that horny look in your eyes,” Vincent says when he sees the expression on Lotte’s face.
“Who? Me?” she asks quasi-innocent.

God, I would love to fuck her right now.

Vincent pushes the thought away.
“Yes, YOU, miss Innocence!”
He sits down in his recliner and grabs the newspaper from the side table. Lotte leisurely leafs through some women’s magazine.
“I really am innocent,” Lotte says just as he opens his paper.
“Yeah, right!” Vincent answer her from behind the big pages.

It’s better if I concentrate on the financials, before I sit here with a hardon. During daytime! Scandalous! But tonight…

Suddenly the newspapers is pulled from his hands.
His voice sounds irritated. She knows he doesn’t want to be disturbed when he reads his paper. The horny look in her eyes makes his annoyance disappear like snow in the sun. He looks mesmerized when she sits down between his legs, on her knees. Her hands lightly caress the insides of his thighs, up and down and each time she gets closer to his crotch. Vincent spreads his legs a bit more to give his hardening member more room to grow, but also as an invitation to Lotte. Not that she needs the invitation.

Take my dick. I can use one, a good blow job.

Lotte opens his pants with a scanty smile decorating her lips. His cock is so hard that the tip peeked out of his briefs. Vincent sighs when Lotte rubs her thumb over the protruding piece of meat.

Just look at that shining head. Oh yes. Right there. And not only with your thumb, darling. Come closer with your mouth!

By lifting his bottom off the chair, he helps Lotte to pull his pants down. Her right hand encloses his balls; her left grips his cock. Very briefly she kneads his balls and then softly runs her nails over the sensitive skin.

Yes! My balls! Tickle them. Scratch them. Just look at my dick, look how hard it gets when you do that!

At that same moment she leans forward, sticks her tongue out and licks his shaft from his balls to the tip. Her horny eyes laugh at him and her lips close around the head of his penis.

That’s it, you little bitch. Suck me. That’s what your mouth is made for.

Vincent brushes through Lotte’s hair with his fingers and gathers it on a ponytail, which he holds in his fist so he can see her mouth work on him. She lets him slip deep in her mouth, wait a couple of seconds and then comes back up again. Over and over she does this and each time she seems to hold him in her mouth just a bit longer.

So deep! I’m touching the back of her throat. Oh, let me fuck that little mouth!

Her tongue turns around the head in circles, finds and teases the hole and flicks over the frenulum. Her eyes are fixed on his face. While an impatient lust holds him in his grip, Vincent smiles at Lotte.

Suck me, slut, no teasing!

The fingers of her right hand close around his member. Slowly Lotte moves her hand up and down and her mouth moves in the same rhythm, Vincent grabs the armrests. His knuckles turn white and his muscles trembles with the force of his grip.

Oh god, there comes a time that this is going to kill me. She’s so good at giving blow jobs. Easy boy. Hang in there. Don’t come to soon. You have to enjoy this.

He doesn’t take his eyes off the scene in front of him. Vincent enjoys the combination of image and feeling. Lotte is an artist – she knows exactly how to play him. Fascinated, as if he sees it for the first time, he watches as his dick disappears in her mouth and appears again.

Oh… oooh let me fuck that beautiful mouth of yours. You’re such a horny bitch!

She slowly increases the pace. Her hand was a perfect substitute for a tight pussy. Vincent feels his orgasm nearing. He moans. His fingers dent the leather of the armrest; his leg muscles tighten more.

No, don’t climax yet. It’s far too nice for it to stop now. But damn, I’m so close. Want to fill her mouth. Let her swallow!

Lotte opens her eyes and looks at him. She’s sucking harder now, as if she wants to suck his semen out of him.

God, I’m going to come. I’m going to come.

His balls contract.
“Oh god yes, I’m coming,” Vincent moans. Semen rush up in waves, but he sees none of it.

I’m coming. Oh yes, I’m coming. And she’s swallowing it all. Swallow it, my little whore. Don’t spill a drop. God this is nice!

Lotte wait until her mouth is full and then she swallows. Then she closes her mouth around the sensitive dick head again to catch the last bit of semen.

Careful, careful. It’s sensitive…

He feels his cock go soft in her mouth; feels his body relaxing.

Now I’m hungry…

“That was deliciously sweet again,” Lotte says and laughs, “it must be all the tea you have been drinking lately.”
She licks her lips and before Vincent can say anything, she speaks again: “I want more, but shall we eat first? I’m hungry!”

That’s my kind of woman. But tonight… tonight it’s her turn!

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