Come Closer

It’s the first Sunday of the month, which means it’s prompt week. When I saw the two wheels I had to spin, I was excited and knew I would take the first result and try to make that into an image. I just hoped I got a result that I actually could work with, and I did!

I love macro photography (I even have booked a course for the end of June) and I have recently discovered that taking pictures in monochrome give them a ‘richer’ feel than when I use colored photos and change them to grey-tones. It took me a day or two to know what I wanted as a macro photo, and I definitely wanted to execute it myself. It sounded easier than it actually was in practice, but I loved these two images so much that I just had to post both of them here!

I am very proud of these images!
(Please click to see bigger images.)

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22 thoughts on “Come Closer

  1. Oh, these are really fantastic. I love that nipple ring. The right shot (right tit!) is my favourite. Xx

  2. Wow, I can see why you are proud of these images! They are stunning and so skillfully taken. I have never tried macro photography, but seeing these photos has definitely inspired me to have a go!
    Aurora x

  3. These are brilliantly done. Self macro photography must be so difficult. I’m also envious of your nipple jewellery, mine are too small to keep the, on!

  4. They are fantastic photos. The detail is wonderful. Good enough to eat!The jewellery around your gorgeous nipple is beautiful: where did you get it from? Xx

  5. You did a great job here. I have found self portrait macros to be some of the hardest things to do as the margin of error for the focal point is tiny with a macro and so just the tiniest of movements and your image is out of focus.

    I really like the one on the right, the focus on the nipple ring is spot on and really emphasizes the contrast between that material and your flesh.


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