Black Band

Women who wear black lead colorful lives.
~ Neiman Marcus

black band
There’s beauty in black…

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17 thoughts on “Black Band

  1. I wrote three drafts of a story for Masturbation Monday, using this image as a prompt. In the end I published neither.

    Super hot pic tho’ – very erotic!!

  2. This is a very powerful picture, perhaps in part due to the seemingly powerless pose. Beautifully done.

  3. That’s a really cool piece of lingerie! I love the design. The way you’re leaning forward, as though about to take orders, is hot.

  4. What a wonderfully colourful life you do lead! Thank you for sharing this tantalising view.


  5. Beautiful pose, Marie – the arms pinned behind, you leaning forward, as if yielding to control. And the black band breaks it up perfectly. You look lovely.

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