The Day I Humped My Womanizer

It was the weekend after Eroticon and for a couple of days already I felt this twitch in my crotch, alerting me that it was time for an orgasm. The last one had been at my own hand on the Friday morning in Camden, while Master T was downstairs smoking a cigarette. I actually could have slept some more but since hotel rooms always make me horny, I decided masturbating was a better idea.

These past months, with Master T being on anti-depressants and his libido being non-existent, I have only masturbated at times that my body asked for an orgasm. All of those were functional. They were enjoyable, but not sexy because I only did them to fulfill a need in my body. The orgasm in the hotel was no different. A week later, back home and on the Saturday afternoon just after a shower and before we were about to go out, the need was at its highest. It had already been nudging me for a day or two, but I had preferred to ignore it. Up to then. I took my Womanizer, covered my clit with it and switched it on. This was going to be another functional, quick orgasm.

However, it turned out to be a bit different. Still functional, but different. I did something I have always wondered what it would feel like. With the Womanizer trapped between my legs, I rolled over on my front and I literally humped my Womanizer. I bucked my hips, moved up and down and felt the Womanizer moving. It was like it stopped sucking and then it started again. It didn’t take long to send me over the edge into a nice release. I was satisfied, knowing it will take another week, maybe two before the need struck again.

That evening we went out to our regular hangout, like we always do on a Saturday. We were home again just before midnight and since Master T had so much pain in his leg, he went to bed. I stayed downstairs because I still had some writing to do.

About an hour and a half later, I was ready to go to bed. Master T was restless, still half awake when I got into bed. I was next to him for about five minutes when he said he had to go to the loo. When he came back, he did this thing he does to me many times: telling me that I would soon have to pee too. It works every time, and he knows this: several minutes later I had to go. When he says that, it seems to nestle in my subconscious and I cannot get it out of my mind unless I have been. Silly man!

And silly he was. I got back into bed and he started tickling me by pretending that my body is a pinball machine. My nipples were things the’ball’ – his fingers – bumped against and then yes, before I knew it he grabbed my by the crotch and he earned some kind of bonus points with that, according to him. I told you, he was really being silly!

But, there was a serious undertone to it. I felt it. It was there, just below the surface and his silliness was a way to cross a threshold that has been there for months, as it was months before that he had touched me like this for the last time.

“Shall I put my hand in your pants?”
“You can do that.”
“You can take your pants off too…”
I didn’t. I had no idea how far this would go, but once he had his hand in my pants and his fingers found my entrance, I knew. I rolled over on my back and pushed my pajama bottoms down to below my knees.

All silliness was gone now.

It hurt a bit when he pushed his fingers into me and it hurt when he pressed down to hard on my clitoris. My pussy was not used to this kind of treatment anymore. I asked him to be a bit more gentle, and he was, instantly understanding why.

It took long before my first orgasm started to near.

Very long.

I feared it had something to do with my orgasm earlier that day, but maybe it was just that I needed to wrap my mind around what was happening, that Master T was actually fingering me again. And maybe it was a combination of both.

I panted. My mind was reeling. I wanted to ask for permission to orgasm but I was not close enough. At the same time I was amazed at how easily the thought to ask for permission was back in my mind. It was as if all the months in between disappeared. And the moment he spoke, I knew it was the same for him.

“Come for me, little bitch, come on baby, come for me.”

I did.

It didn’t stop there. He fingered me to several orgasms more and by then I was slick and wet and opening up to him. Literally. He pushed four fingers into me, fucking me with them while I rubbed my clitoris. Hard. I climaxed. Harder. An all-consuming-body-shaking orgasm. I clutched my legs together in the aftermath of the orgasm.

“Spread your legs. You know what I want. Spread them.”
His voice was as stern as I remembered it.
“You are going to come for me once more.”
I shook my head.
“Yes you are. Spread. Your. Legs.”

I did and two orgasms followed, before he finally hugged me.

He was back. First the unexpected fucking in the hotel, then this. I think we have finally rounded the corner and this makes me happy. We might not get back to having sex two times a week or even once, but I was just happy that he was back.

Happier than any words can ever describe.

This was the day I humped my Womanizer, and the day my husband returned to me.

Our love has pulled us through.

© Rebel’s Notes

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018

The Letter B

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. This post has quite a number of words starting with ‘B’ but I have chosen to look at ‘because’, ‘better’, ‘body’ & ‘bonus’.


This is a conjunction and it introduces a subordinate clause. It connects the result of something to the reason of it. Other words that can be use instead of ‘because’ are ‘as’ or ‘since’, but those are more formal and are used when you want to focus more on the result than the reason.


‘better’ is a comparative of good: good, better best
When used as an adjective it means ‘more desirable’ or ‘more effective’, but can also mean that you have fully recovered from an illness. When use as a verb, it means improve, ie someone has to be ‘bettered’.
Synonyms: superior, of higher quality, greater


‘body’ can mean everything that forms a person or an animal, but it can also mean the main part of a person’s body, without the arms and legs and head. When someone has passed away, we also speak of a ‘body’. In clothing a body is a piece of clothing a woman wears, where the fabric covers the main part of the body and fastens between the legs.


It means ‘something extra’ in a pleasant way, although some people also used it to sarcastically tell about something unpleasant. A bonus is also an amount of money you get on top of your salary, like bank managers seem to get bonuses every year!

© Rebel’s Notes

11 thoughts on “The Day I Humped My Womanizer

  1. 1) I can hear your voice in my head while reading this and I love that.

    2) I can’t stop smiling! I am SO happy for you both!!!

  2. Tears in my eyes for you both Rebel. I’m so happy for you… What a magical thing.
    And yes I may have to try some womaniser humping myself.

  3. Pivotal moments for both of you – he probably has not felt anywhere near his ‘domineering’ self while struggling with his feelings and his medication. You too have had walls up for self protection and thoughts/emotions which would much rather go down a non sexy route. I can relate and I am delighted you have rounded the corner. Maybe it was being back with your tribe (Eroticon) maybe it was passing that iceberg of an anniversary, but Rebel you are back in the saddle! Hurrah! P.S. may try that move with my Sona Cruise!!

  4. I think every long term relationship has difficulty and in come cases the couple’s don’t have the strength to endure … I’m so happy you have and that you are coming back together.

    On a side note, and I know this isn’t the same for everyone, but I find any orgasm from masterbation is ‘functional” as you describe, but add MrH into the mix and it becomes something else.

  5. This was such a moving and touching piece. We have also had a difficult few years and although not the same, I can relate to the feelings that you have lost part of what you had and want that back again at some point. I hope that things continue to move forward for you and for Mr T ?

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