Weighty Nipples

Grace stood naked in front of him, tied to the Andreas cross. He heard her quick breathing. She knew what he had in mind. They had been talking about this for a long time. Her loud breathing revealed that she was nervous, but he also smelled her arousal surrounding them. Without touching her, he knew she was wet.

Walter moved in behind her and traced her tight body softly with his fingers. First hips, then her tummy. She lay her head backwards on his shoulder and closed her eyes. His hand moved to her nipples and quite quickly they harden under his touch. Wanting to confirm what he already knew, Walter moved his hand down to Grace’s crotch. She was wet and sticky. He walked around her and pulled her labia apart to reveal her clitoris. It was swollen. Pure anticipation had left Grace a horny mess. Walter knew how much she liked her orgasms, but today she would have to earn them.

He walked out of the room to wash his hands. When Walter came back, it struck him how beautiful Grace looked, waiting patiently for the hard treatment he had in mind. Her beautiful, young body was eager to make memories for them both.

Grace held her breath while Walter tied the ends of a thin piece of rope of about half a meter long around her nipples. With what he had in mind, nipple clamps would have slipped off eventually and that mostly happens at the most inconvenient of times. Walter pulled the rope, now attached to both Grace’s nipples, to test whether it was properly attached. Grace grimaced and literally gritted her teeth. Walter kissed her gently on her lips.

“Are you going to make me proud today, slave?”
“Yes, Master.”
“I have a weight of three and a half kilograms over there.”
“Yes, Master?
“I’m going to hang that on your nipples.”


“Yes, Master?”
“Shall I hang the weight on your nipples?”
“Yes, Master.”

Walter used a hook to hang the weight on the chord between Grace’s nipples. Very slowly , he lowered the weight until the full weight hung on the thin rope. Grace’s body tensed. Walter stepped back and sat down in a recliner. He watched how she fought the pain. Her head hung forward and her eyes were closed. Walter kept an eye on the clock.
“Mercy, Master.”
Walter removed the weight. Eight minutes was quite impressive.

He allowed Grace fifteen minutes of rest, but didn’t untie her from the cross. After the rest period, he hung the weight on the chord again, and again he sat down in his recliner to watch her. Grace stood as still as possible, knowing that every movement would only cause her pain.
“Mercy, Master.”
This time she managed to stand the pain for fifteen minutes. Walter gave her another fifteen minutes of rest. When he attached the weight again, Grace was wet all over. Sweat pearls covered her body and her cunt glistened with her sticky horniness. He loved seeing her like that. It was a beautiful sight.

This third time round, it was clear that Grace found it more difficult to stand still. Every now and then she pulled the restraints and pain shivered through her body. Her moans got louder as the pain started to consume her.
“Mercy, Master, mercy please.”
Walter saw that Grace could not handle much more, but he wanted to push her limits once more. After fifteen minutes of rest he attached the weight again. Grace’s nipples were still hard and erect, but were intensely sensitive and every touch hurt. Tears rolled over her cheeks. Her sobs slowly turned into cries of pain. The weight started to swing and Grace started to tremble.

“Come on, hold on!” Walter said in a commanding tone.
He didn’t want this last time to be less good than the seventeen minutes of the third time. Only a minute later she equalled those seventeen minutes. Grace had no idea how long she had been standing like this. Her body trembled even harder.
Eighteen minutes and the occasional cry of almost unbearable pain.
“Come on, slave, you can do better!”
It was fascinating to see how Grace persevered when Walter spoke to her in a commanding tone. Nineteen minutes and she couldn’t handle it anymore. She pulled on her ties, her body trembling uncontrollably and she cried out in pain.
“Make me proud, slave. Your nipples are made for this. You can do this!

nipple pullingGrace tried, but the pain had exhausted her. She looked at Walter and begged.
“Mercy, Master, please, mercy, mercy, mercy!”
Walter was very proud of her. Twenty minutes was more than impressive. He removed the weight, the cord and untied her from the cross. Grace grabbed her breasts in the hope that it would soften the pain.
“Stand up!” Walter ordered and Grace obeyed.
“You have earned a reward.”
“Thank you, Master.”
“Recover first.”
“Thank you, Master.”

Walter left the room. He had one more challenge for Grace. It was more than half an hour later before he returned to Grace. He re-attached the thin cord to her nipples and hung the weight on it.
“You may masturbate.”
“Thank you, Master.”

Standing up, Grace started fingering her wet pussy. The pain distracted and urged her on. It took only a minute for Walter to see that her orgasm was real close. More fingering. The weight swung around, but Grace didn’t seem to notice. She stumbled and fell down on her knees, her legs spread and three fingers inside her, fingering herself vigorously and moaning loudly.
“I have climaxed, Master,” she said. Her voice quivered.
“As if I haven’t noticed, slave,” he smiled and helped her up. Walter removed the weight and chord and pulled Grace into his embrace.
“You made me very proud today! Thank you, my beautiful slave!”

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The A to Z Blogging Challenge
The Letter Z

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. Today is for words starting with ‘Z’, but there are no words in this post that start with the letter. However, I have decided that since this is the fifth year I have participated, which is a nice number, and ‘Z’ is the last letter of the alphabet, I am announcing here that this is the last year I will be participating in this challenge. I might try it again in a couple of years, but for now I am done with it.

However, I have plans to do the A to Z Blogging Challenge again next year, but on a different location! Stay tuned!

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  1. I don’t know how she managed. I would’ve cried mercy quick. I totally get the part about his voice/guidance helping her go longer. It’s how I’ve gotten through some more intense spankings.

  2. My nipples are aching in sympathy, lol. But I love imagining the level of endurance and willingness to go through it for the right Master/Dom. 🙂

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