Love Hotels, Hate Traveling

I love an overnight hotel stay. I love if that hotel is driving distance from our home. I love when that hotel is in England, when we go to Eroticon. I loved back when I traveled to New York or Las Vegas that I stayed in hotels.

I hate traveling.

Okay, that’s a bit too strong a statement.

Let’s just say, I am not fond of traveling. I really don’t mind getting in the car and driving to our destination, whether it’s in our country or the next. I also don’t mind packing our bags, drive to the airport and get on the plane to London. I would also not mind to get on a plane with Master T to go to New York or Las Vegas, because there are things I want him to see.

The one idea that doesn’t appeal to me at all is to get on a plane to a holiday destination. Here I mean a place like Greece or the Canary Islands or Sweden or Australia, or god knows where else. You see, I would love to see those places, but the one thing I hate is to plan a trip. To sit down with catalogs and search for a hotel, things to do, check flights. I just don’t like that. I see my colleagues stressing from the moment they return from their summer holidays until the end of the year to decide where they will go, for how long, how much money they are willing to spend on it.

I can go to a traveling agency and ask them to help me plan a journey, but there is just not the desire to do that. I am not the only one feeling like this: Master T does too. We match perfectly in that, even though I think I am a wee bit more keen than him to travel. Part of his not wanting to travel has to do with his disability and the fact that he cannot go to warm countries as he is then guaranteed problems with his legs, due to the heat. We do travel to England for Eroticon and we both love it, but will we ever go to New York or Las Vegas? I doubt it. Do I mind? No.

There is one thing though, that both Master T and I want to do.

Back in 2012 was the first time ever we overnighted in a hotel. We booked a room in Hotel New York in Rotterdam and did that a couple of times again after that. On several of those occasions we watched the MS Rotterdam leave to go the Norway. That is one thing we both want to do: to take a cruise to Norway, on the MS Rotterdam. Even though I am rather terrified of deep dark water and the idea of a cruise never appealed to me, this one does. Is it because I know it’s something Master T would want to do? Probably.

Will I mind if we never make the cruise? No.

Will I mind if we never travel to England again. God yes!
We have made so many friends in England and I know Master T loves going there too, so for as long as we are both able, we will travel to London at least once a year. We have been talking about taking a train trip to London, as from this month there is a direct connection between Rotterdam and St. Pancras. I can totally see us leaving here om a Friday and then returning again on the Sunday or the Monday, and of course seeing friends while we are in London.

One thing I have noticed is that I never mind the journey when we go somewhere, but I resent the trip back home. Of course this has everything to do with being excited on our way there and being sad for coming home. When we go to London, I don’t mind the time it takes to get there, but when we travel back, I hate the time I have ‘lost’ on traveling. Stupid, right?

So you see, I have mixed feelings about traveling. I love going places, but most of the time I am just as happy to stay home.

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Wicked Wednesday

The A to Z Blogging Challenge
The Letter J

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. Today is for words starting with ‘J’ and I have chosen to look at ‘journey’ & ‘just’.


To take a journey is the act of traveling from one place to the other.
Synonyms: trip, voyage, cruise, ride


This word can be used as an adjective or an adverb. As an adjective it means that something os based on or behaving according to what is morally right, or when something is deserved or appropriate in the circumstances. As an adverb it means ‘exactly’ or ‘very recently’ or ‘barely’ or ‘simply, for example: He just left or Just over two percent.

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5 thoughts on “Love Hotels, Hate Traveling

  1. I love hotels too and there is something about them, especially when you have the chance to spend time with someone you want to be with in one. There is always that anticipation. I actually don’t mind the journey but can relate to what you say about coming home. I just want to click my fingers ?

  2. I’m cruising Scandanavia in July, ex Amsterdam. If we pass Rotterdam I’ll look out for you! 🙂

  3. I hope you get the opportunity to take your cruise. I love cruises; I’ve been on several. It’s my favorite way to travel. 🙂

  4. I think we all have mixed feelings for that trip back home. I know sometimes I’ve had enough and I can not wait to get back home to my own bed!!

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