Touching Feet

Feet are not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the sexiest part of someone’s body, or of my own. I am actually quite neutral on feet. I definitely don’t hate them though, but I barely ever touch the feet of someone else. If the opportunity ever arises, I would definitely give someone a foot massage, but to be really really honest: I prefer to receive one myself.

During the summer months I frequently go for pedicures at the same lady who does my nails all through the year. I love to soak my feet in the warm water, to have her cut and care for my toe nails but what I really love the most of the entire treatment, is when she rubs lotion on my feet and massages the top and bottom of them. I can then easily close my eyes and just nod off, because it relaxes me so much.

When I go to the spa with my best friend and we book extra treatments, I sometimes book a foot reflexology massage. I truly believe that they work, that those pressure points below your foot really are connected to other parts in your body. I believe this, because back when I came to the Netherlands I had a total breakdown and walked with a headache for weeks. It got so bad that I woke up several times a night, bathing in sweat. My mom then took out her book on foot reflexology and next thing I knew she told me she wanted to massage my foot. She concentrated on a specific pressure point just below my big toe. It hurt like hell, but three days later my headache was gone. Totally gone!

There was one time at the spa when I went for a foot massage, that she presses a specific point and it really hurt. I asked her what point it was, and she said my intestines. That was before I started following the LCHF diet, which has hugely reduced the problems I had with my digestive system.

A couple of months after mom passed away, I went to the spa with my best friend and I booked myself a foot massage. I needed the relaxation. The lady was quite chatty when she started on my feet and on one of her questions I answered that I need the relaxation as we had come out of some very rough months and my mom had passed away. Suddenly she was quiet and it was as if something changed in the way she touched my feet. I have no idea if this was her intention, but I relaxed so much under her ministrations that tears streamed down my face. I tried to hide it, but didn’t do a good job of it and when I left, she hugged me. I really felt a ton lighter, but I cannot tell you what she did, whether in fact she did something special or whether it was only being able to finally relax and let go, that left me feeling so much lighter.

My experiences with foot massage and ‘feet’ being the topic for kink of the week made me wonder: are there pressure points that will make you feel horny? Almost like a button you push and bingo, the person is horny…

Okay, it doesn’t work quite like that, but, there are ways to enhance sex by means of a foot reflexology massage:

  • The Solar Plexus (under ball of foot at center) relaxes and release anxiety.
  • Your brain (at the top of all 10 toes) heightens libido and stimulates imagination.
  • The pituitary or “master gland” (center of big toe) controls hormone secretion.
  • The hypothalamus (outside your big toe) signals to the ovaries/testes to produce estrogen/testosterone.
  • Your adrenal glands (near inner edge of foot at center of the sole) increase your overall energy.
  • The spine (inner edge of foot below the center of the sole) improves flexibility and soothes nervous system.
  • The uterus/prostate (inside of the ankles) supports uterine orgasm/ejaculation.
    Source: mindbodygreen

Maybe, just maybe if I am a bit horny after sitting out in the sun on a spa day and then go inside for a foot massage, and I am able to relax completely, I might feel close or even have an orgasm. Just maybe…

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The A to Z Blogging Challenge
The Letter X

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. However, there is not one word starting with an ‘X’ in this post, which means I will have to divert from what I have been doing all month.

The sound ‘ex’ has been used in this post a couple of times, in words such as ‘extra’ and ‘experiences’. The letter ‘X’ has featured in other words too, such as ‘relax’, ‘reflexology’ and of course, ‘sex’.

The letter ‘X’ is the twenty-fourth letter of the alphabet and comes after ‘W’ and before ‘Y’. It’s a consonant, which means that it’s a speech sound in which the breath is at least partly obstructed and it has to be combined with a vowel to form a syllable. The letter ‘X’ is used to indicate when something is wrong, or we use it when we indicate a choice in a ballot or examination.

Oh and, if you talk about your ‘ex’ you indicate a person you used to have a relationship with. Just saying…

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  1. I love a pedicure and to have my feet massaged. I haven’t tried reflexology, but do believe in it xx

  2. Yeah, I think I’m going to find me a foot massage pretty soon after reading this. You explained some of those elements of why foot massages can be beneficial so well. I hope lots of people decide to get a pedicure or some reflexology after reading this x

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