Art & History #SoSS #21

April is only seven days old and it’s evident that this will be a busy reading month. Many bloggers are participating in the A to Z Bogging challenge, including myself. But, that’s not the only challenge of this month, because bloggers are also participating in Tabitha’s #30DayOrgasmFun and blogging about that. I have noticed that I have a lot more blog posts to read than when everyone is not blogging every day. It’s wonderful to see the creativity of the writers, to see how they do the A to Z challenge and what themes they have chosen.

During this week some posts have made me think of my own history, on the blog and my life’s history. I look back and I notice how I have grown over the last couple of years, how much more confident I have become, and I love it. I am still not the world’s most confident woman, and I will never be, but I am also not that woman anymore who preferred to stand in a dark corner and hoped no one would notice her!

Okay, enough of that. Let’s get on with all the sexy posts of this week!

Sexy writing

A beautiful post by submiss34f and beautiful art made of her by Quiller Costello. We should all be so proud of the history that is written on our bodies.

I am a sucker for spanking stories, which means I moved closer and closer to my screen while reading Private Tuition by Coffee and Kink. I love it!

Who is she, the wife or the slut. This story, Cataclysm by Alethea Hunt, had me wet and wanting more!

Something that longtime bloggers all might think of at some time is whether you should go back and edit older blog posts. Girl on the Net has written a long and interesting blog posts on this, Rewriting history: should you edit old blogs to remove trash opinions?
I would love to hear your views on this!

This post, The Catastrophe of Ageing by Exposing40, feels like a tribute to all women, but especially to those in the sex blogging community.

I felt a twitch in my insides reading Honey’s words in her post, Do it with style, and once I got to the image, there were more twitches. So Sexy!

Hot images

Last week the Sinful Sunday prompt was ‘humor’ and everyone who shared an image really did their best to honor the prompt. The images I really liked are ones that made me smile, but at the same time they were damn sexy too! Those are:

But, there was one image that had me staring. Mostly when I am I a real life voyeur situation I will avert my eyes, but I really wished I was there, watching Hannah starting her #30DayOrgasmFun. This image is SO damn sexy!


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to a new post, whether they have prompts or not. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Kink of the week Doggy style 1 to 16 April 2018
Masturbation Monday Week 188 (Wriggly Kitty) 6 to 10 April 2018
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #306: Travel 7 to 12 April 2018
Sinful Sunday May prompt to follow 6 May 2018
Food for Thought F4TF #42 – Dating by Numbers 6 to 12 April 2018
ArtTwist ArtTwist #5 – The Swing 29 March to 19 April 2018
Elust #105 Elust submissions 1 to 8 April 2018

Prompt 305 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Catastrophe’ for which 25 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Jo of Teachers have sex and she chose:


The third voting round of the Smut Marathon 2018 closes today at 11pm CET (Amsterdam time). There is still time to vote for the three characters sketches you like best. The assignment the writers had was to write about an ‘imperfect’ character, and two of the participants have shared some thoughts on this:

Do you remember The Other Livvy’s EuphOff competition of last month? The winners have been announced yesterday! Congratulations to all!

Tips & tricks

I am putting this post in this category, because this is a tip if you want to focus on some long term goals. I have been thinking about rekindling my list and I might just do so, after seeing Rye giving herself a Fresh Start.

Last but not least

Don’t stop reading here, but please scroll down to see the letter for today! Thank you for following along.

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The A to Z Blogging Challenge
The Letter G

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. Today is for words starting with ‘G’ and I have chosen to look at ‘goals’, ‘girl’ & ‘grown’.


This can be a goal in a ball game, but I prefer to look at this word when it means that it is the object of a someone’s effort or ambition, something you aim for, a desired results. I am constantly setting myself goals – goals for this blog, goals for work but also life goals. Some of them are short term ones, like I have to write two more posts this weekend and others are long term ones, like I want to lose weight. Goals keep me focused and I cannot imagine my life without them!


A girl is a female child or a relatively young woman. That’s the official description for this work, but where I am definitely not a relatively young woman anymore, there are definitely days I consider myself to be a girl, days I want cuddles and kisses and want to be nurtured, just like a female child.


Plants grow to become bigger. Babies grow and become toddlers and grow further into teenagers and then into adults. But, there are other ways to grow too. For me my growth lies in more self-confidence, in doing what I do here on the blog, knowing there are people out there who enjoy reading my words. That sometimes makes me feel bigger than myself, and makes me turn back to my to-do list to work on my goals.

© Rebel’s Notes

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