Scampi Soup

Warning: Contains scenes with urine and humiliation

Master Lloyd had invited two of his regular slaves for lunch. He had decided on a salad with scampi. Judy was the first to ring the bell. He saw her on the monitor and buzzed the front door open. As were his rules, she undressed in the hallway before she came to the kitchen. He allowed her to kiss him on the cheek and then told her to set the table. She was almost done with that when the bell rang again. He buzzed Ava in and minutes later she entered the kitchen.

“Master, may I use the bathroom? I need to pee,” Ava asked.
“Wait a couple of minutes more,” he said, “I have made your favorite food.”
Ava had no choice but wait until she was granted the permission she needed.

Lloyd divided the salad in three deep bowls and put that of Judy and him on the table. He put Ava’s on the floor.
“You may pee.”
Ava’s eyes grew big.
“Oh no, Master, please no.”

Ava squatted over the bowl. Judy seemed embarrassed by the scene in front of her. Ava emptied her bladder in the bowl. It was more than Lloyd had expected. It wasn’t only a ‘sauce’ anymore, but the salad has turned into a soup. Everything was floating. Ava straightened up and looked bewildered.
“Put her bowl on the table, Jody,” Master Lloyd ordered.

“Let’s eat,” Lloyd said when they were all seated.
“Must I eat this, Master?” Ava asked.
“Of course! And you will finish it all!”
Ava picked up her fork, but Lloyd ordered Judy: “Give her a spoon!”

“Delicious!” Lloyd said after the first two bites and looked at his slaves.
“Is it too much?” he asked Ava and she nodded.
“What do you think?” Lloyd asked Judy, “is it too much?”
Judy nodded too.
“Then take Ava’s bowl and pour half of it in yours.”
Judy glanced at him but she knew better than to protest. She reached for Ava’s bowl and did what she was told.

Lloyd kept an eye on the two women while they ate. Judy ate with obvious reluctance now her salad was covered with Ava’s pee. However, Ava started eating faster and faster. He nipples were hard and Lloyd realized this humiliation excited her. Without checking, he knew she was wet. The last bit of her salad soup she scooped up and ate with visible pleasure.
“Drink what’s left.”
“Yes, Master,” and greedily she emptied her bowl.

“Thank you, Master,” she said when she put her bowl down again.
“Do I get a reward?” Lloyd asked.
“You may do anything you want with me, Master.”
“Yes, Master.”
“Get the cane, Judy,” Lloyd ordered.

Minutes later Ava leaned over the table.
“Spread your legs!”
Ava did. Shamelessly she wiggled her bottom, spread her legs and showed all she had to show. Her cunt was wet, just like Lloyd knew it would be.
“Yes, Master.”
“Hold her down, Judy,” Lloyd said as he positioned himself behind Ava.

The first stroke with the cane was very hard. Ava shrieked and almost jumped on the table. Judy struggled to keep her down. Strokes two, three and four followed quickly, but were not as hard as the first one. Judy couldn’t hold her anymore. Ava sagged down, hit her fists on the floor, screamed and raged and roared.
“Help her up immediately!”
Lloyd didn’t wait for Ava to be back in position before he delivered the fifth stroke. She screamed even harder as she sagged back to the floor again. Judy had trouble helping her back up.
Strokes six and seven followed in quick succession.

Between her screams Lloyd heard her supplications: “I… I can’t… no… no… ca… no more.”
She shivered and breathed very fast. Sobbing she finally got back into position, still shivering uncontrollably. Lloyd pushed his hand between her legs. Ava was insanely wet and her clitoris was rock hard, but she barely reacted when Lloyd touched it. She knew as well as he did that the eighth stroke will be delivered when he thought she was ready. He wanted to wait, to give her a chance to use her safeword, but if she didn’t, he wanted the last stroke at least as hard as the first.

The moment the eighth stroke landed and the pain traveled through her flesh Ava fell to the floor once again. She screamed. Cursed. Roared. Sobbed.
But she knew it was over.

Lloyd let her be and pulled Judy to the table. He pushed her forward, unzipped his pants and fucked her until he climaxed. Then he kneeled next to Ava and helped her up. She was still sobbing and stood bent over.
“I knew you could do this.”
Ava nodded with a forced smile.
“I’m proud of you. You did good.”
Now her smile was more relaxed, despite the tears. Lloyd looked at her and held her gaze.
“I did good. I did good. I did good,” she repeated.

“Judy,” Lloyd ordered, “take Ava upstairs, wash her and take care of her. I’ll be up in a moment.
When he finally went upstairs, Ava was on his bed, her ass up in the air. He sat down next to her and stroke her hair.
“I am so proud of you. If you follow me, you can do everything and you know that. You made me proud today.”
She smiled.
“You can stay here as long as you want,” he said. “If you need something, just say and Jody will bring it. Do you want me to give you an orgasm?”
Ava shook her head.
“Okay, if you feel the need to masturbate, you’re allowed. Judy will stay here with you and you may use her however you want. Understood?”
He looked from Ava to Judy and back again and in choir they answered: “Yes, Master.”

Postscript: I have been wondering about urine play and know of someone who indeed drank her own urine because her Master wanted her to. I think I can safely say that urine play is on my hard limit list.

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The A to Z Blogging Challenge
The Letter N

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. Today is for words starting with ‘N’ and I have chosen to look at ‘next’, ‘no’, & ‘nodded’.


It means ‘coming immediately after’, as in this story, the next stroke after the fourth obviously was the fifth. If you combine the word ‘next’ with ‘to’ it means to be adjacent to something or someone. Like two houses next to each other, or two people standing next to each other.


A word that means denial or refusal to a request or a question. You use the word ‘no’ when you don’t want to do something. You reject whatever has been asked. There are more ways in which you can use the word ‘no’ for instance to say: “He is no beginner”, but today I want to emphasize that ‘no’ is a word that should be respected in sexual situations. Always!


Opposite to no, to nod is the non-verbal way to say yes. Sometimes people combine the verbal response ‘yes’ with nodding, to emphasize their approval.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this although it made me think about my own limits and conclude that drinking pee would still be on the list lol ?

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