Memory of Touch

Touch has a memory.
― John Keats

Let your fingers gently touch my body.
Run them over my curves.
My folds.
My desire.
Let them remember the lust and love of past times and return to bring us more…

touch bottom
Fingers remember…

© Rebel’s Notes

12 thoughts on “Memory of Touch

  1. This is all so beautiful. The curves of your bottom, the sneaky little peek between your thighs and the pink splash of colour on your nails just adds an extra layer.

  2. Touch certainly has a memory, and no better way to evoke it than with a sexy shot like this one.

  3. Rebel, I really really love this photo. It’s just so striking. Your hand splayed out and the curve of your body, just gorgeous

  4. I love the angle of this picture as it is suggestively and sexy at the same time. The words you have chosen are beautiful and your tartan nail is so cool. missy x

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