Two Eyes

I was thinking of images that didn’t work out the way I had them in mind. This one, in particular, made me giggle. You see, when I put this dress on, I thought it would look so sexy when I open the zips on the side and have my tits hang out. When I saw the image, somehow my breasts and nipples looked more like eyes than the sexy image I had in mind.

black dress, exposed breasts
They are looking at you!

Not even the black and white version could alter my opinion of this image!

gray scale black dress
And… they’re still looking!

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A to Z Blogging Challlenge 2018

The Letter A

Today also marks the start of my fifth year of doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge. This year I have decided to just do my normal posts and then take one (or more) words, starting with the letter of the day and look at their meaning. In this post there were two words starting with the letter ‘A’: ‘and’ & ‘alter’.


It’s used as a connection between words that belong together in the same part of speech, or it connects sentences that should be seen together. It can also be used to add an additional comment.


This is a verb and essentially means ‘change’. The way I used it ‘alter my opinion’, I could also have said, ‘change my opinion’. More synonyms of these two words are: amend, modify, convert, transform.

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16 thoughts on “Two Eyes

  1. Your photo reminds me of Christmas — no peeking! 😉

    I like your idea for A to Z. Will look forward to the rest. 🙂

  2. your tits look delicious and your nipples are just so suckable i want to nibble and suck on them till you cum
    such a hot hot hot sexy looking lady
    happy easter

  3. I love this and I know exactly what you mean about things looking one way in your head and another in reality. ?

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