So many of us dream of this: to win a million dollars and never to have to work again!

But, will you stop working? Will you want to be home every day with no contact with people around you anymore? There was a time when I said that I would not stop working. My plan was, if I ever won a million dollars, to cut back on working full-time but go back to two days in the week, and the rest of the time I would ‘do my own thing’. Those two days was only because I like my job and my colleagues would have been part of the social contacts I believe everyone needs in their lives.

Things at my work have changed and I have changed my mind (prerogative of a woman, right?) and now, if I win a million dollars, I will stop working. That is, I will stop working for a boss and from their on, any work I do, will always be for myself. For this blog. For this community.

Of course, with a million dollars it will not be all work. There will be play too, lots of play.

Just last week I wrote about how we are not keen on traveling, but we would love to make a cruise. With a million dollars, it will be possible to make more than one cruise, I am sure. Longer cruises.. We might then travel to places that we have no plans to travel to now. You see, like Bee said to me, going on a cruise means you don’t have to change hotel rooms. So, even if you are traveling you are relaxing as all you have to do is board the ship and get off in a harbour, if you want to explore the city. If not, I suppose you can stay on the ship.

Now, this makes my mind wander.

I can totally see myself relaxing on one of the decks in the sun, naked. The warmth of the sun caresses my skin, and invades every fiber of my being. Blood rushes to my labia, making them swell a bit and tingle with desire. My clitoris is swollen and desperate to be touched. Of course I don’t stop there. I slip a finger between my lips into the trapped wetness and then circle my clit. My movements increase with the begging urgency inside me, until I fall back on my sun bed, satisfied after one of many orgasms I have during the cruise.

Chances are that this will never happen on the deck of a ship.

However, since hotel rooms always make me feel horny, I’ve no doubt at all that being on a cruise ship will have the same effect. This might just mean that some hot sex can be had. I wonder if there will be a chance to meet kinky people on the ship? And maybe have some fun with them? See, my mind starts wandering all over again.

But, one also has to be sensible. You have to provide for the future, which means I would want the million to become more through interest, so there is still some kind of ‘income stream’. So I will have to invest it in some or other may that my money makes me even more money.
Main thing is, with a million dollars I will definitely be able to follow many of my dreams, to be my ‘own boss’, to write as much as I want, to be who I am at heart – a free soul.

So yes, there’s that. If I would win a million dollars I would love to travel some and have some sexy fun along the way.

Fuckdeck: An outdoor deck or patio with sufficiently shielded views from the sides and no opposing homes, i.e. a semi-private outdoor area for fucking.

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Wicked Wednesday

The A to Z Blogging Challenge
The Letter P

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. Today is for words starting with ‘P’ and I have chosen to look at ‘plan’, ‘play’, ‘prerogative’ & ‘provide’.


A plan is a detailed proposal to do something, an intention or decision about what one is going to do. This is the noun part of the word, but you can also use it as a word, which means that you are deciding on what you want to do, or designing the plan.


To play is to engage in an activity for your enjoyment, to engage in something that makes you happy. Play can be as innocent as being on a swing in a playground, or as kinky as playing in a dungeon. And, of course, everything in between!


A prerogative is the right or privilege of a specific group, individual or class to do something.


To provide something is to make it available for use. It is to give someone something they need.

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7 thoughts on “Fuckdeck

  1. I think if you won a million dollars, you could just buy your own boat and spend your life traveling the high seas! You could have a civilian in every port. 😉

  2. Oh I would love to go on a cruise one day! The idea of being confined between ports with Bakji is very exciting, imagine all the things I could do to him! *wicked grin* Very thought provoking read Marie 🙂 x

  3. Oh I loved your description of being naked on the deck . . . just my idea of a cruise . . . sun and lots of orgasms.
    And, as May said, glass in hand . . . inbetween all the orgasms of course!!!
    Xxx – K

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