From Behind

doggy styleI have always been a fan of doggy style.

Where I am someone who things in images, the moment I hear the term ‘doggy style’ I never think of two dogs fucking, but always imagine myself on my knees and then already I can almost feel how Master T penetrates me from behind.

Now this hasn’t happen in quite some time and might never happen again, seeing his current state of health, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think back on those moments it did happen.

There’s just something about him telling me to get down on my knees that instantly made me wetter than I already was. It always tapped into my submissive side, because when he told me this, I always had to get on my knees on the floor. Master T could never fuck me doggy style on the bed, because of he needs a hard underfloor to steady himself, because of his disability. I never minded this; in fact, I welcomed it. Standing there, on my knees, on the carpet, always tapped into my filthy side. It made me feel dirty. It made me feel wanted. Controlled.

The way he grabbed my hips, digging his fingers deep into my flesh, told me I am his. Each time he pushed into me, he claimed me again. The harder he fucked me, the more his fingers hurt my flesh. When he pushed in, I could feel him in places I couldn’t when he fucked me otherwise. Even though I don’t have a uterus anymore, it feels like he pushes against my cervix. It’s an intense feeling, one that always makes my orgasm build faster.

I normally don’t climax through penetration only, except when I am fucked in this position. Every single thing – the thrusting, the grip of his fingers, the burn of the carpet under my knees, the vulnerability of being his fucktoy, the object in which he wants to empty his balls… everything adds up to that one moment when I beg him for release. And so many times when my inner muscles contracted around his cock as my climax took over my body, he came too.

And when he came, I could feel the spasms of his cock as he spurted semen inside me… one, two, three, four times, until I hear him grunt and know he was satisfied.
Always when he pulled out of me afterwards, my cunt would be sensitive, my nipples hard and my body begging for another release. Sometimes he would finger me, using his semen as lubrication to stimulate my clit; other times he would tell me that it was enough and it was time to sleep. I never complained, as even though I might have wanted another release, I was satisfied.

Doggy style is not something we did a lot, but when we did, it always left me feeling high.

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The A to Z Blogging Challenge
The Letter L

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. Today is for words starting with ‘L’ and I have chosen to look at ‘lot’, ‘lubrication’& ‘love’.


Lot can be used to indicate a large number of something – things or people – but it can also be used to indicate a particular group of people or things. There are other meanings too, such as an item or set of items at an auction or someone’s destiny in life.


Need I talk to you about lubrication. Of course, engines need to be lubricated to make sure they run smoothly, but the lubrication we all talk about here is what we use for sexual purposes, whether it’s lubricating a cunt or using lubrication to prepare and enter an ass.


Even though this word has not been used in my post, I want to mention it here, because I would never have been able to keep up with anything in my life, if it wasn’t for love.

© Rebel’s Notes

10 thoughts on “From Behind

  1. I just love being taken, there’s something that leaves me feeling so filthy and submissive about it.

  2. There really is something about being on the floor on hands and knees that makes this position extra filthy in my mind. Just magnificent really

  3. Beautiful and so descriptive.
    When i was a young women i would come in this position, i don’t now but just love that he gets off on it ;-)x

  4. doggy style is my favorite position, my ex was straight up missionary, the 1st time my current husband fucked me, it was missionary….altho i came multiple times, i was kinda disappointed 🙁
    once he found out i loved doggy style, it became his favored position..
    i love his hands on my hips or a slight tug on my hair, pulling himself deeper inside me hitting places i didnt think were there

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