Prompted! A Catastrophe?

For the sake of some kind of closure, or to make the circle round, or for whatever reason you can come up with, I wanted to write this post.

Back in 2015 Oleander Plume had a competition where we could choose an item from her list and write a story. I wrote the story ‘Bare Essentials‘ but later removed part of the story because Oleander was going to make a book from the stories that had been written for her competition. That book would have been called ‘Prompted!‘.

However, in December 2017 all authors received an email from Oleander:
I am so sorry to pull the plug on this, but the Prompted anthology is officially a no-go. (Which, after two years, probably isn’t much of a surprise.)

Indeed, it didn’t really come as a surprise. It’s not a catastrophe either, and because I still like this story a lot, I wanted to share it with you today. The full, edited story.


~ Marie Rebelle

Bare Essentials


Dick and Randy sat in the police car in a darker spot on the street, between two street lights. They were watching the entrance of a strippers’ club, waiting for Freddie “Fuckface” Farrell to exit. Their informant had tipped them that Fuckface was in the strip club, watching a private striptease.
“Lucky fucker,” Dick had said, when he hung up.

Both cops had been to Bare Essentials on different occasions, when they were off-duty. They both knew what happened during a private striptease, if you were willing to pay a bit more.
They had a good view on the entrance of the strip club. The broad-shouldered doorman greeted everyone who entered, and was extra friendly to the strippers, who either came outside to smoke or arrived at work for their shifts to begin. They all had one thing in common: they were scantily clad. Ass cheeks peeked out from under their miniskirts, and their breasts just about jumped out of their skimpy tops. The girls were all sexy and beautiful.

“That one is a looker!” Dick said, when a blond woman came out of the club and lit a cigarette.
“She gave me a private show last week,” Randy smiled.
“Was she good?”
“Oh god yes, wet and ready, I tell you.”

The car went quiet again as both cops were occupied with their own thoughts of sexy, naked ladies inside the club. It was just after nine in the evening, and it could take hours for Fuckface to appear. Despite their enticing thoughts, they grew increasingly bored with the situation.
“Have you ever stripped for someone?” Dick asked.
“Oh no, my dick is not large enough to show it off like that,” Randy said and realizing his choice of words, tried to correct himself. “sorry, I mean my cock.”
“Don’t be sorry,” Dick laughed, “I am fucking randy right now.”
The two men laughed and as their laughter died down, they watched the door of the club again.

“I’m randy too,” Randy said, after a short moment.
“I know,” Dick laughed.
Randy looked at Dick with a serious expression on his face.
“I mean it. I’m fucking horny.”
“Me too,” Dick admitted.
The car went quiet again. Randy drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, and tried to hide a yawn.
“Have you ever jacked off with another man?” he asked.
Dick just shook his head.
“Would you mind to?”

Moments later, they both unzipped their uniform pants and pulled their hard cocks out of their confinement. There was just enough light from the streetlights to allow them to see each other.
“See, mine’s not large enough to impress anyone,” Randy said, as he held his cock at its base with his thumb and forefinger, allowing it to stand upright.
“Mine’s about the same size,” Dick said, and held his cock in the same way for Randy to see.
They looked at each other and as if they had agreed on it, they simultaneously started rubbing their cocks. Their hands closed around their shafts, and moved up and down. Dick and Randy constantly glanced sideways, watching each other’s movements. Then turned their heads back to look at their own cocks, seeing the glistening of wetness on the heads.

“Has another man ever touched your cock?” Randy asked.
“No!” Dick quickly said, and after some moments, in a softer tone. “Never.”
All that could be heard for several moments after Dick’s two words, was the rustling of their uniform jackets with the movement of their arms and their labored breathing.
“Would you mind…?” Randy asked.
“If another man touched you?”

Dick stopped jerking himself, and looked down at his cock. Randy stopped moving his hand too, and watched his partner. Both of them had totally forgotten about Fuckface. The silence in the car was full of expectation. Hesitation. Shallow breathing.

Dick let go of his cock and looked at Randy. Randy let go of his own cock, and reached for Dick’s. He closed his hand around his partner’s cock, and moved it up and down the way he did with his own cock only seconds before. Dick lay back and closed his eyes. He quickly forgot that it was Randy’s hand stimulating him, as his mind filled with images of naked strippers dancing for him and touching him all over. The images were hot enough to make his cock grow harder in Randy’s hand. Randy’s touch was firm, his movement on his cock was familiar. It feels much better than when a woman does this, Dick thought and his eyes flew open. He looked at his cock and in the half-light he saw the movement, felt it and realized the touch was that of another man. Of his partner Randy, and the thoughts pushed him over the edge. Dick climaxed and watched his cock shoot the semen up into the air before landing on Randy’s hand.

Randy let go of Dick’s cock and took his own in his hand again, only to let go of it as Dick’s hand closed around it. In the same movement, Dick leaned sideways and closed his lips around the cock he held.

Randy couldn’t believe that he was allowing his partner to suck his cock, and Dick couldn’t believe he had the guts to do something he had wondered about many times before. He explored the head of Randy’s cock with his tongue, enjoying the taste of the precum and the smooth texture of his flesh. Dick licked, sucked and moved his lips up and down Randy’s shaft. Finally, he came up for air, and his hand took over where his mouth stopped. Slowly at first, then faster and harder. Harder and faster. Randy’s breathing grew louder, and throaty rounds of lust escaped his mouth until…

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Randy said, as cum spurted from his cock and landed on his uniform pants, the steering wheel and Dick’s hand. “Fuck… fuck…” he continued and grunted, as his cock twitched in climax. Randy was out of breath, but he stretched out his arm and pointed his finger,


© Rebel’s Notes

Wicked Wednesday

 A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018 – The Letter D

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. This post has quite a number of words starting with ‘D’ and I have chosen to look at ‘despite, ‘down’ & ‘during’.


This word is use as one word for ‘without taking any notice’ or ‘not prevented by’, in other words, where you do one thing even though you know you should not or even if you don’t want to do it, for example: There’s a lot of traffic, despite the snow.


It describes a lower physical position which is the opposite of up, but it can also be used to describe something to a lesser degree, for example ‘calm down’ or from a past time, for example ‘stories passed down’ or to a concentrated state, for example ‘got the story down to 500 words’.


It’s used to include everything from the start to the end of a specific period of time, like ‘during the Gulf War’ or ‘during the conference’ or ‘during the stake-out’.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. I LOVED this. It has humour, the unexpected and the exploration of something which is often not talked about. The characters work really well and the setting just makes it ?

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