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Yesterday I was working through the email I had received with new posts on other blogs, and I gasped when I saw Honey’s Sinful Sunday post. I haven’t even read the words yet, but the photo… yes! So beautiful, so sexy! Then I read the words and I knew Honey was right: we need to embrace ourselves and live life positively, for as far as possible.

I looked through the images I have taken during my self photography sessions and decided to share three that have been taken directly after each other. These are images I was not going to share, but following in Honey’s footsteps, here they are…

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I look at these images and ask myself if I like what I see. The answer is yes, even though I do see that my tummy is too big and I have fat rolls. Even then, I like what I see.

So why did I not want to share these images? If I look deep in my heart, one of the main reasons are that I am ‘afraid’ or ‘worried’ about the comments I will get. What if people don’t like these images? What if they think I am not sexy in these? Then I think of Honey’s photo, and of other ‘larger’ women (I am sure this is one of those words Honey referred to when she said there’s a whole different vocabulary for fat people), and I remember how much I love those… love those because of the softness of their bodies, the beautiful curves, the boldness of sharing, the love and pride they have for their bodies.

And, then I ask myself, why shouldn’t I feel like that too?

Here’s to more positivity for my own body, something I have started with in February and want to keep up, because, even though I am overweight, I feel sexy! I am sexy!

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22 thoughts on “All of Me

  1. I feel the same. I don’t share certain images of myself because I don’t like my imperfections, namely my stomach. But when I see the same types of “imperfections” in others, I find them sexy as hell. And you’re right, it’s the softness and roundness and curves. So touchable and feminine. I can find beauty in so many body types, which should include my own. I guess we will just have to practice this more often. I will also challenge myself to show more of what I do not like in my images. That is true body positivity, after all. Love those socks, by the way!

  2. What’s not to love about these. I do understand what you’re saying, we often pick the images that we want people to see rather than the who,e picture.

  3. I like what I see too because, as you say, you ARE sexy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and these stunningly sultry pictures.

    O x

  4. So you know I am going to start off with SOCKS because I can’t help myself. However I love everything about this post and I think you look absolutely gorgeous in all these shot.


  5. The socks are a wonderful inclusion to these images. I am appreciating them on many levels. Socks aside though, I think these are glorious images and I think we are all very pleased you have shared them x

  6. I like what I see, too! These are great – I really like how you put all three together so that it’s like a series of moving pictures. Sexy socks, sexy body, and beautifully-articulated thoughts.

  7. I love how you included all three shots – I nearly feel I am sitting there watching you take selfies <3 You look beautiful in them all but I think my favourite is the one slightly blurred as I feel the camera caught you on the hop and we get to see a slight blur on your breast as a result! Awesome!

  8. You look stunning and so sexy in these pictures. I think when you are comfortable with yourself that comes across and loving yourself (or at least being at peace with yourself) is so sexy in itself. These are gorgeous and I am glad that you chose to share them. missy x

  9. These are indeed beautiful images, and I loved your February images – I’m glad these got to come out too. Let’s love ourselves more! (Sniggers slightly at this)
    Missy x

  10. GREAT pictures – you have nothing to worry about – Your hot hot hot and sexy
    best wishes alan

  11. Beautiful, beautiful you! I love the rolling picture too. The one in the middle looks like an out take but I love it the best.

  12. Amazing! Absolutely be proud and love your body … It’s your armour, it brought you this far, and will hopefully take you far into the future.

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