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It’s day 6 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge for 2018 and many of you might already have seen what I am doing for this year’s challenge. Even so, I still wanted to blog about my theme for this year.

Before I tell you more about how I came to this decision, let me recap on the past four years of this challenge.
My themes for those years were:

  • 2014: I chose different words to write about, but I also continued to participate in memes and made sure they fit in with the challenge. There was no real theme this year.
  • 2015: I concentrated on food and also shared photos to go with my posts.
  • 2016: This year I focused on things that I had come across during our 5 years of active kink, and shared my experiences and things I had learned, my opinion or things I was curious about.
  • 2017: For this year I looked back on the seven years of my blog and highlight posts that fit in with the letter of the day.

Before I decided on the theme for this year, I briefly thought to do a ‘on this day in past years’ but since I have done more or less something like that in 2017, I didn’t want to do it again. I was actually not going to participate at all this year, but just like with the February Photofest 2018, this would be my fifth consecutive year of doing this challenge, so the decision to participate was a last minute one.

Once the decision was made to participate, I had to have a theme, or at least a bit of structure for the month. I remembered doing words in one or two of the previous years and wondered if I could pull that off again and still be more or less original. That’s when the idea struck…

I already had some posts scheduled for April. What I would do was to go to those posts, check what the letter is I should use for the day and pick out words in the posts, starting with that letter. I would then ‘discuss’ those words. For days I had no posts scheduled, I would first write the post and only then look for words starting with the letter of the day. If I would decide on the words first and only then write the post, I would drive myself crazy.

One question I asked myself: what if there are no words in the post that correspond with the letter of the day? Oops! That kept me busy for a short while and then I decided not to fret about it. I will cross that bridge when I get there and solve it at that moment.

I am not the only one participating in this year’s A-Z Blogging Challenge. Here are some more you can follow:

Forgive me if I have missed anyone. These are the ones I have found up to now, but if you know of more, please let me know and I can add them to the list!

The A to Z Bloggng Challenge
The Letter F

In this fifth year of participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am taking words from my regular post starting with the letter of the day, and looking at the meaning of those words. Today is for words starting with ‘F’ and I have chosen to look at ‘focus’, ‘food’ & ‘forgive’.


Focus is the center of interest or activity, the one thing you have in mind all the time and which you are working on. It’s when you pay specific attention to that one thing that you are focusing, like I am focusing on the #30DayOrgasmFun this month!


If it’s a nutritious substance, and it helps humans or animals to stay in life and/or grow, it’s food. I don’t like everything that is food, but I do love good food just a bit too much!


When you forgive someone, you stop being angry or resentful with someone because of something they have done. Also, when you forgive, you no longer feel that you want to punish someone for what they have done. To forgive someone can be a freeing feeling!

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3 thoughts on “Theme for A-Z Blogging Challenge 2018

  1. I love what you are doing with the theme – Fabulous idea! I wasn’t sure what to do either and didn’t realise until I had started that what I had thought was an original and great idea had been what you did previously. Still great but just not original to me. Thank you for the link to mine and the other blogs too. It is great to see what others are doing. missy ?

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