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Food for Thought Friday

I love being naked and to feel my soft skin as my hand wanders down my body, but there is something about being dressed – whether fully or partially – that is a lot sexier than being naked. This week’s prompt for Food for Thought Friday has gotten me thinking about what I like.

What do you wear when you want to feel sexy/desirable?

I love wearing a dress. A tight dress. A dress that accentuates my body, my curves.


At this moment I don’t like it that much. You see, I have gained a lot of weight over the past year, ever since mom didn’t come home anymore and was in and out of hospital, and I haven’t stopped gaining either. This means that I sometimes just don’t like the curves being accentuated, but when I have a good day, I don’t mind so much. It’s a fine line…

net tights
A photo I tweeted while at the bar…

On the days I do feel good, I prefer to wear a dress, tights and heels. Always heels. Never pants. I do own two pairs of denims and one other pair of pants, but those are only for when we go out with our cameras. Then I also wear sport shoes, because walking around on heels in the bushes or on the beach is totally out of the question. I have to think about my old ankles, ya’know!

My dresses are never long. Actually, all of them end above the knee, and preferably a couple of centimeters above the knee. I love when I sit at a bar and catch a glance from a man or woman when they look at the hem of my dress. That tends to make me feel even sexier. Recently I have started to combine a bit of my sexy with my ‘everyday’ clothes. Wearing a dress that I would also wear to work and then putting on tights (pantyhose) and over that a pair of fishnet tights… well believe me, those make me feel sexy AND they draw quite some attention!

What is the sexiest thing a member of the opposite sex can wear?

The sexiest thing to me is when their clothes are neat and clean, no matter what they wear. One thing I don’t like is when someone walks around with dirty jeans or tracksuits or even when they were denims that are torn. Those just don’t do it for me. I really appreciate a man in a suit (or a uniform), but a man in denims and a shirt is good enough for me too, as long as they look like they take care of themselves.

Oh and, pants should always be long! I know in summer men tend to wear shorter pants and that’s okay, but it’s not sexy at all. Just my opinion.

What, if anything, is that one item of clothing/footwear that really does it for you?

I don’t think I have one item of clothing or footwear that really does it for me. I have a couple of dresses I wear over and over and I have one pair of boots and one pair of shoes I wear almost every day, but it’s not because they make me feel so sexy, but because they are gentle on my feet (I told you, old ankles!). Also, the dresses I wear because they are nice and feel comfortable and it’s only when I deliberately pair them with something else (like wearing a maximizer bra to really make my tits stand out or the mentioned fishnets) that I tend to look at them differently than when I wear them to work.

In essence it’s not only the clothing that ‘does it’ for me, but it’s always a combination the clothing, my mood, where we are and who we are with.

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