A Third of Me


Those who are subscribed to my newsletter will know that I am busy with a photography course, and would have seen some of the photos I have been making since I started this course. My February Photofest 2018 was all about self photography and mostly I have placed myself in the middle of the photo, but of course the golden rule is: the rule of thirds. I am still trying to keep this in mind, not only with self photography, but also when I am out and about taking pictures.

When this photo was taken, I definitely remembered the golden rule!

This is more or less a third of me, won’t you say?

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Sinful Sunday
This post was chosen as one of the top 3 for the prompt week. This is what Molly said:

Damn this is so sexy, that curve of her waist and the dark pink blush of her nipple through the lace is beautiful. It seems like such a simple image and in many ways it is, but the placement of herself perfectly along the outer line of the rule of thirds grid is spot on.