Therapists & Bad Girls #SoSS #17

When I started blogging, I was careful with what I wrote, because I didn’t think that people would want to read about bad sex or a bad date or when I was sad. As my blog grew and I found my voice, I started writing for myself. I used my blog as a journal. Out came the ‘bad things’ too, printed here for all to read. And then it happened that someone thanked me for writing about all of me and not only the good stuff. That’s when I realized that I actually believe we shouldn’t only blog about the good stuff, because things cannot always only be good. Some of us suffer from illnesses, others are handicapped, some are sad and others are in unhappy relationships. Give your reader the full picture, is my firm belief. That’s why I love that this week some sex bloggers have started writing about mental health. I will be following those posts closely and I hope you do too.

The month of February was a busy one for me, as I wasn’t organized for February Photofest at all and found myself ‘panicking’ almost every evening to get my post for the next day scheduled. But, I managed to complete the month and all but one image was taken by myself in photoshoots with myself. I am quite proud of that. Congratulations to all the others who have completed this challenge too!

Sexy writing

A piece of honest writing from Karin Bird about The therapist she has found and who she hopes can help her. I love that she has found one who isn’t shocked by what she tells him!

When Scandarella writes M/M fiction it draws me in every time, and this one certainly did: Soulmate. I love the subtle way she has introduced multiple lifetimes here.

In her story, Confessions Of A Bad Girl, Floss paints a sexy picture with her words while eavesdropping on the excitement of a neighbor.

I believe that F Dot Leonora deserves a mention here this week. In week 97 of Wicked Wednesday she has started a story about Eliza and Rafe, the love between them and the love they feel for other people. There has been sex, fights, tears and many more and now, 204 weeks (3,9 years!) later, her story is still going strong!

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health by SassyCat is a post everyone should read and not only when you have mental health problems.

Hot images

The post, Final Frame, by Exposing40 is yet again proof that we should never dismiss any of the photos we have taken. Sometimes something that seems to be a failure, can turn into something beautiful.

A gorgeous image, and not only for the contrast, but also for the lovely words that go with it: Held by Mrs. Robinson.

This is a stunning image by SassyCat – It Always seems Impossible until it’s Done. She has used two image and the results is just gorgeous!


There are always prompts of memes you can join in with and these are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Kink of the week Edging 1 to 16 March 2018
Masturbation Monday Week 183 (Hyacinth Jones) 1 to 6 March 2018
Wicked Wednesday Coffee 3 to 8 March 2018
Sinful Sunday Rule of Thirds 4 March 2018
Food for Thought F4TF #37 – What’s Love Got To Do With It? 2 to 8 March 2018
Art Twist #3 Danaë by Gustav Klimt 22 February – 8 March 2018

Last week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday was ‘300’ for which 28 posts were link. Melina Greenport chose the following posts as her top 3:


The Other Livvy is running a writing competition for brilliant, purposefully terrible writing! This competition was first done in 2015 by @ChintzCurtain and in 2017 Livvy took it over. Come on, it’s fun to participate and there are prizes to be won in the EuphOff 2018!

Of course the Smut Marathon is still running and you have to watch this space as the second voting round is going live tomorrow and you can start voting again!
If you are a participant in the Smut Marathon or want to be a participant next year, you might want to read this post by Floss: Smut Marathon: Round 2 Is Upon Us.

Last but not least

In two weeks time we will be in London for Eroticon and we are both very much looking forward to going there. We are meeting old and new friends, but before we meet them for real, I am going to read all the Meet & Greet posts. Will you be at Eroticon? Please let me know as I love to put faces to names! Not that I will remember all of them right away, but I am going to do my best, that’s for sure!

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