Hotness In The Sauna

It became a habit. Three times a week we went to the fitness club. We both had a subscription and we wanted to get value for our money. Three times a week seemed feasible, as we both worked part-time.
Our fitness days mostly followed the same routine. Roudabout ten in the morning I waited in front of her flat, keeping the engine running while I waited for her to come down. She never let me wait for longer than five minutes.
“Hello darling,” was her standard greeting when she got in the car and gave me a peck on the cheek, “let’s do this!”
My answer was always the same: “Yep, let’s go!”
I could never get used to seeing her change in the locker room. She was so at ease, as if she wasn’t aware of her nakedness at all, before she put on her sportswear. As self-conscious as I was, so at ease she was. Sometimes I saw her look at me when I was naked and it always turned me on, but I tried not to show it.

We talked a lot while we exercised. Not only about everyday things, but also about things we had experienced at work, during grocery shopping or family outings and also about sex. We talked about our sexual preferences. About what we liked and what not. That morning was no different. It was Friday and also the last day of the week we would be at the club. The weekend was ahead of us and we had no plans to see each other during it. Each of us had our own obligations. Syl was a bit quieter during exercises than she normally was, but I didn’t say anything about it. I thought she might already be thinking of what she had to do during the weekend, or that she hadn’t slept well the night before. Every Friday, after exercising, we took a shower and went to sit in the small sauna. I didn’t mind when Syl wanted to stop exercising earlier and suggested we go to the sauna.

The sauna was a kind of log cabin built in the back of the locker room. The door was made of raw wood and the walls of the sauna looked like several trees had been cut down to cover a normal wall. In the door was a tiny window of about twenty by twenty centimeters and therefore you could see very little of the locker room from the sauna. From the other side it was the same – you couldn’t easily see what was happening in the sauna unless you pressed your nose to the tiny window and used your hands to shield the bright ambient light with your hands.

You could sit high or low in the sauna cabin. We always chose to sit high because it was warmer. I had never before seen anyone but us in the sauna. I actually thought that the sauna wasn’t used much, or maybe no one else was in the mood to use the sauna in the morning, like we did. By lunchtime we always left again, after exercising for an hour or two.

On that specific Friday we put our towels next to each other on the top bench, as we had done so many times before.
“Damn this is so nice,” I sighed when we had been enjoying the dry heat for several minutes. Pearls of sweat started to form on my body. Because of a sound next to me I opened my eyes and turned my head in Syl’s direction. Suddenly her lips were on mine. It didn’t startle me. In fact, it immediately felt so natural that I kissed her back. Carefully our tongues discovered each other. Naively I thought it would only be a kiss, but soon I felt Syl’s hand on my breast. I pulled back and looked at her. She only smiled at me. I felt obliged to touch her too and lay my hand on her leg, but she pushed it away.
“Just relax and enjoy,” she mumbled with her mouth back against mine, “I just want you to enjoy.”

I decided to enjoy first and then I would let give her some pleasure. Syl’s hand closed more tightly around my breast and she kissed me again. Now that she had told me that all I had to do was to enjoy, that was exactly what I wanted to do. How long had I not been dreaming of being intimate with a woman again? The last time was years ago, but even so I never thought I would be intimate with my friend. However, she knew about my desire, as I had told her about it.

I leaned back when Syl’s mouth moved to my nipples. One by one she sucked them. Soft and hard. I moaned and arched my back, to offer her more of my breast. She sucked harder on my nipples when she placed her hand on my cunt.
Involuntarily I spread my legs wider and Syl rightfully saw that as in invitation. Without any hesitation a finger disappeared in my pussy. So good! I sighed and moaned and enjoyed. In and out her finger moved and she even added a second. It was so good But it could get even better, I noticed several minutes later.

She didn’t remove her fingers from my cunt when she moved to the lower bench to sit on her knees between my legs. Her lips closed around my clitoris and a lovely, warm feeling, even warmer than the sauna’s heat, took hold of my insides. Her fingers moved in and out and her tongue and mouth did wonderful things to my clit. It was like she knew all my secrets; as if she knew exactly what I needed. Or was it the special situation that made me feel so horny? At that moment I didn’t want to think about it. I enjoyed, my legs wide and my eyes closed. It didn’t take long for a lovely orgasm to tremble through my body.

Syl only pulled her fingers from my wet cunt when I opened my eyes a couple of seconds later and looked at her. She smiled expectantly and sat down next to me. I was ready for it. I couldn’t wait to lick her clit, to finger her, to taste her. At that moment the door to the sauna opened. We both looked at it as if we only then noticed that there was a door. A woman walked in, smiled briefly at us, put her towel on the bottom bench and sat down. Disappointed we left the sauna and after a shower we left the fitness club. Never again did we end up in the sauna alone, not even when we decided to go on different days. That same woman was there every time.

I did get a taste of Syl’s pussy, but not in the sauna…

PS: This is a true story.

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  1. Yowsa! I’m ready for part two now! I kind of miss kissing girls. Tasting them. Touching them. And stories like this just remind me of that. I’m not sure whether to thank you or….well…thank you.

  2. hot hot hot and so exciting – i would love to read about when you got your lips on Syls pussy and clit, and yesssss perhaps the other lady did want to join in

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