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I am WAY overdue with this product review and if you ask me what has happened and why I haven’t posted this review back in January, when I received the Queen Bee, I cannot tell you. Yes, February Photofest sort of intervened (I don’t like to post two posts on one day), but other than that, I have no excuse. And, I thought I have to get this review up before I see the people of Hot Octopus at Eroticon, because otherwise I won’t be able to look them in the eye. They were so kind to send me the Queen Bee for an honest review, so I better keep up my part of the deal!

Packaging & Contents

The Queen Bee comes packed in a beautiful shiny box with an image of the toy on the front and ‘Queen Bee’ written over it. On the back of the box there is a general description of the toy and it’s purpose. On opening the box, the Queen Bee is the first you see. Underneath it is a compartment holding a instruction booklet, a charging cable and a storage pouch with ‘Hot Octopus’ printed on it.

Shape ‘n Size & Material & How It Works

Queen Bee
The beautiful box of the Queen Bee

On opening the box and seeing the actual Queen Bee for the first time, I couldn’t help but think that it resembles a hairbrush, but without the bristles. It was surprisingly light. It must be the oscillating plate that made me think this. The plate itself looks textured but opposed to the back of the toy, it’s smooth.

The toy is 22.9 centimeters in length and 6.3 centimeters wide. It is made of ABS, TPE (plastic), is waterproof and has 7 different vibrations. The Bee is USB-rechargable, with a magnetic charing cable.

The plate that made me think the Bee resembles a brush oscillates, using the “PulsePlate” technology. It has a mechanism that resembles a piston and moves to stimulate the clitors. It’s pretty simple to go through the different vibrations of the toy, using the buttons on the back.

My experience with & opinion of the product

Once the Queen Bee was fully charged, I first wanted to feel the vibrations in my hand. I switched it on and almost dropped the toy trying to find the button quickly enough to switch it off again. The noise startled me. It was really loud. I couldn’t continue testing it until I knew that there was no one close that could hear the sound of the testing. I had to wait two weeks before that finally happened. By then I was really, really curious to experience the toy.

It was during a self-photography photo session that I finally got the chance to try the Queen Bee again. Only the fact that I was incredibly horny could take my mind off the noise of the toy. Even though there was no one else in the house, I was still afraid to be heard. But, I wanted to get off too. I wanted to feel the magic of the Bee.

Queen Bee
Where the magic should happen…

I did. Feel the magic.

But the magic didn’t happen.

No matter how horny I was and no matter which vibration I put the toy to, it just couldn’t bring me to a climax. I kept going, kept trying, but still, it just didn’t happen. The only thing that it accomplished was to make me even hornier than I already was. It just kept me on the edge (which makes me think that this is a great toy for edging myself) and I finally had to use a combination of my hand and another toy to get off.

The vibrations were strong enough and in fact, I thought they would make me climax, but the noise was distracting enough to keep me from my orgasm. Who knows, if I take this toy to a hotel where I am sure no kids will hear me playing with it, I might just be able to reach an orgasm with it after all.

Despite not reaching an orgasm, I will use this toy again as I like the way it vibrates against my clit and labia.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Queen Bee (and other Hot Octopuss products) from their official site.

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  1. Hot Octopuss do make some amazing looking toys. I was shown around the Pulse III Solo at Eroticon last year. Shame I didn’t have £99 to buy one.

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