Two Mistresses

Warning: The story contains some hard scenes.

It has taken some time for him to plan it, but finally Gavin had decided on the punishment that Evy will have to endure for her indiscretion some weeks ago. He wanted it to be hard, but also something she would remember in a positive way. Therefore he had decided to also indulge in one of her fantasies: to be ‘worked over’ by two mistresses. This was something Evy both longed for and feared.

Evy was already downstairs in the basement, where Gavin had build their own dungeon years ago. He had no idea whether she heard the chime of the front door when the two Mistresses – Trudy and Phoebe – arrived. He opened the door, greeted them and said: “She’s already waiting downstairs.”
“I know we’ve spoken about this,” Phoebe said, “but just to make sure before we start. She really wants it this hard?”
“It’s a fantasy of hers to be ‘manhandled’ by two dominant women,” Gavin said. “She has always been intrigued by ballbusting and wants to know what it will feel like when she’s kicked.”
The two women looked at each other.
“How long?”
“Thirty to forty-five minutes, everything included?”
The ‘everything’ Gavin referred to was what he had discussed with the two mistresses.
“She’s going to be sore tomorrow,” Trudy said.
“That’s exactly what she wants,” Gavin assured them.
“Then, let’s get started,” Phoebe said and rubbed her hands together.

Evy was naked when they came downstairs. She stood with her legs spread and her hands in her neck. Trudy walks around her, looking her over as if Evy had to be approved before they could start. Evy’s breathing was quick. She expected something to happen and it did. Phoebe hit her hard on her breast, with a flat hand. Evy jumped. She was startled. The tone was set. When Evy took her position again, Phoebe stood right in front of her. She grabbed Evy’s cunt and squeezed. Harder and harder. Evy moaned and squirmed and her face contorted of the pain. Just when Phoebe let go and the pain seemed to stop, Trudy grabbed Evy’s breasts from behind and pinched. Not only the nipples, but as much flesh as she could keep between her fingers.

“Mercy, Mistress.”
“Wow, that quick?” Phoebe asked, but since Evy had not said her safeword, neither of the women acted on her plea for mercy. Phoebe grabbed Evy’s nipples and pull them as far as she could to the outside. Left nipple left. Right nipple right. Evy screamed until Phoebe let go. Gavin, staying at a distance but overseeing the scene, saw the first tears form in Evy’s eyes. As if they have decided this beforehand, both the other woman started with a series of slaps over Evy’s entire body. The slaps were hard and soon red hand prints could be seen all over. Evy tried to dodge them, but to no avail.

The first kick between Evy’s legs came unexpected to both her and Gavin. Evy fell to the floor and for a moment Gavin wanted to jump in, until he remembered that this was exactly what Evy wanted to experience. She would use her safeword if she wanted to stop.

Trudy and Phoebe looked down at the woman on the floor and then to each other. They expected her to utter her safeword, but it didn’t come.
“Get up,” Trudy ordered and prodded against Evy’s breast with her foot. Evy stood up and she was barely upright when the next series of hard slaps started. Some of those were so hard that Evy sagged to the floor again. Phoebe grabbed a leg and pulled it up to expose Evy’s cunt. Evy was definitely in pain, sobbing on the floor, but defiantly looked first at Gavin, then at the two women. She was not done yet, despite the tears.

While Phoebe still held Evy’s leg, she turned around to Gavin.
“Want to fuck her?”
Gavin could hardly refuse and he didn’t want to. He freed his erection from his pants and rammed it into Evy’s wetness. He eyes told him that she was as excited as he was. He pushed in and out a couple of times when Trudy said: “Okay, enough.”
Gavin didn’t bother to close his pants. His cock was rock hard and ready for the next piece of action. Evy rolled over and crawled on the floor, in no particular direction.

“Your master told us we could use you for 45 minutes. That’s one half of a football match,” Phoebe said to Evy.
“I think we’ve got to shoot some penalties now,” Trudy said and positioned herself behind Evy, who was still on her knees. She kicked Evy between the legs. Evy roared and collapsed.
“Get up!” Phoebe ordered, but when Evy didn’t react quickly enough, she pulled her legs and forced her to spread them. Evy kept her legs spread, but she was having a hard time.
“We both have the right to three penalties,” Phoebe said, to which Trudy immediately kicked Evy a second time and a third time.

Trudy sat down and held Evy in a grip to assist Phoebe in dishing out her penalties. Afterward, Evy stayed down on the ground, crying.
“Do you want to fuck her again?” Phoebe asked. Gavin nodded as he stroked his erection. Phoebe lowered herself over Evy. Her crotch hovered above Evy’s face and she pulled Evy’s legs up to give Gavin easy access. He quickly mounted the sobbing woman and was surprised that despite her pain and sobbing, her pussy was wetter than when he had entered her the first time. He only needed a few thrusts before he emptied himself in his wife.

Half an hour later they all sat in the lounge.
“Ladies, who wants a glass?” Gavin asked as he uncorked the champagne and started filling the glasses. Evy sat quietly next to Gavin. She was the only naked one and her body showed bruises from the treatment she had just received – bruises she lovingly traced with her fingers. Her legs were spread to give her bruised cunt some room and she winced as Gavin touched her there gently, but at the same time leaned in to kiss him.
“Thank you, Master,” she said and smiled up at him.

Endnote: I wince when I see images of ballbusting and definitely would never want to be kicked between my legs, but I wanted to explore something unknown to me in my writing.

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5 thoughts on “Two Mistresses

  1. Wow, this was truly intense and yet I couldn’t pull away and just kept reading. While not my kind of play I still find it fascinating and yes even a bit erotic.

  2. This was strong exploration of something I could never, ever do. I love the way you wrote about an unknown to you with such wonderful depth! Nicely written

  3. I couldn’t handle this level of pain and impact, but damn if it doesn’t make me hot reading about it. Sometimes I wish I could find out just how much I can handle…but it wouldn’t be ballbusting, lol.

  4. At first I felt excited reading this, my fantasy would be 2 Doms.
    Then the hard slaps came, again good with that
    When the kicks came I was wincing , holding my legs tightly together.
    A tiny bit too hard for me, but saying that, I still enjoyed it.
    Good writing Rebel xxxxxxx

  5. Wow! Rebel you aced this! I was torn between being excited and wincing for Evy. Well done, this can’t have been an easy write!

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