Perfect Imperfection


Yesterday on Twitter, when I said I had no idea what to post, a friend tweeted back at me: The perfection of imperfection.

I still had no idea what image I would post, but her words got me thinking. We so easily think we are imperfect. We (and yes, me too!) look at ourselves and the first we see are those things we don’t like. I look at my mirror image and see the rolls decorating my middle section. I see the cellulite on my legs; the stretch marks. I see my overweight.

Concentrating on those, I fail to see my beauty.

In February I tried to get a more positive view of myself by taking pictures of myself with no help from anyone. I wanted to be alone, to concentrate only on myself. It has helped, as it made me view my images in a different light. But, it is so easy to slip back into the negativity and see my flaws all over again. I don’t want that. I want to embrace my flaws, my imperfection. I want to love it. I want to accept my rolls, my cellulite, my stretch marks. I want to be me, whether I stay the same size I am now, gain some more weight or finally manage to find the mental strength to lose weight again, the way I did about 18 months ago.

No matter what I see in the mirror or on my images, I want to look at it and think: My imperfection is perfect!

Perfect in my imperfection…

© Rebel’s Notes

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