A Hard Caning

A week ago Rose made this appointment with him. She wanted to be hurt. Really hurt. She wanted to feel the pain.



Now here, in his house, on her back on the bed in his ‘dungeon’, Rose was nervous. What did he had in mind? No. She didn’t want to know what he had in mind. Rose just wanted it to happen.
“Remember your safeword?” he had asked when he opened the door downstairs. Of course she did, but she wasn’t planning on using it. This was what she wanted.


Isaac walked into the bedroom and appreciatively looked down on her.
“Good girl,” he said as he softly ran his hand from between her breasts, down to her spread legs and stopped just before he touched her cunt. This was how he told her to wait for him.
“So, you want to be hurt?” he spoke again.
“Yes, Master.”
Rose almost gasped when he got on the bed, standing over her, straddling her body. He had his back turned to her. Only when the tip of the cane rests against her pussy, she realized he had it in his hand all the time. This is going to hurt, she thought as she breathed in deeply.

The cane alternately tapped her labia four times, twice on each side. It hurt, but not as much as she thought it would. However, she knew Master Isaac was holding back. She also knew him well enough to know that he won’t be holding back for much longer.
“No sound?”
“No, Master. Thank you, Master.”
“Good girl.”

The echoes of his words were replaced by the series of twenty strokes on her labia.

Left. Right. Left. Right.

Rose couldn’t keep still anymore. Her breathing quickened and soft moans escaped her lips.

Right. Left Right.

Rose squirmed but stayed in position, on the one hand knowing it will only worse if she moved, on the other hand craving the pain.

Left. Right. Left. Right.

Isaac increased the force with which he brought down the cane on her swelling lips.

Right. Left.

Rose couldn’t take it anymore. She rolled over, moaning and closing her legs with her hands covering her cunt. Isaac gave her a few seconds to compose herself.

“In position,” he ordered, “and open your cunt.”
“Please, Master,” Rose moaned.
“Please what?”
“It hurts so much.”
“I know. And you know what to do.”
With these words he gave her a choice either to use her safeword or to roll back into position. Rose chose the latter.

Rose spread her legs and pulled her labia open to expose her clitoris and the inner pink of her sex. Isaac rested the cane between her labia. Rose’s rapid breathing was the only sound in the room until Isaac hit her three times in quick succession, the last one on her opening. Rose screamed it our, pulled her legs up and rolled to the side. Once again she covered the hurt with her hands. Isaac left the room and came back a mere ten minutes later to find Rose waiting for him in the starting position – on her back, legs pulled up and spread. Tears stained her face, but she clearly wanted more.

Isaac put cuffs around her wrists and ankles. He tied her arms to the bedposts and then tied her legs on the same bedposts as he had tied her arms. Her arms and legs were spread wide, her body folded double and all her openings shamelessly on display. Rose gritted her teeth and steeled herself for the pain she knew would come when the cane rested on her anal opening. A loud scream escaped her mouth when the first strike hit her.
“Nine to go,” Isaac said.
Rose fought against the cuffs and binds. Between each strike Isaac gave her enough time to catch her breath, but also for the pain to travel through her body. From the seventh strike Rose screamed without pause.

After several moments of rest, Isaac rested the cane against Rose’s clitoris.
“Three,” he said.
Rose started to cry and moaned something that sounded like: “Oh no no no no no.”
“Is there something you want to say?”
“No, Master. Thank you, Master.”
Isaac hit her clitoris three times in quick succession. Rose howled. He was done torturing her. Sort of. He gave her time to calm down, but she kept on crying.

“I will let you climax…” he said.
A meek smile appeared around Rose’s lips.
“… with the cane,” Isaac finished his sentence.
“I can’t climax with the cane, Master.”
Isaac knew better. He softly started tapping her clitoris with the cane. Rose’s clitoris was so sensitive that the light taps hurt quite some. Rose struggled hard against her ties, her tears streamed freely and her moans filled the room. It took several minutes before her body changed pain to pleasure. An orgasm started building. Isaac noticed this and increased the tempo of the tapping.

The pain had Rose in its power. Her moans changed into the howling of an animal. Despite this she grabbed her legs, spreading them even wider. Her body started trembling. The orgasm was close. Rose was in too much pain to ask permission for an orgasm. Her body hovered on the edge.
What if he stops? What if all this pain leads to nothing? she wondered, but her orgasm could not be stopped anymore. The trembling stopped. The muscles in her legs tightened. Her body was about to surrender to the painful pleasure. Just at that moment Isaac tapped harder on her clitoris. Fluids streamed from her opening, running down her bottom towards the bed below her.
“Beautiful,” she heard Isaac say as he stood up to untie her.

“On your knees,” Isaac ordered.
Rose cried and moaned and her body still shook from her orgasm. Isaac rammed his cock between her swollen, painful lips and fucked her hard. In the mirror she saw him looking at her, watching as her tits swung beneath her. He emptied his balls deep inside her, stepped back, straightened his pants again and told Rose to get up. She stood in front of him and saw his smile as he looked down to admire his work.
“I am proud of you,” he said, pulled her closer and kissed her.
Between her legs, Isaac’s semen and her own fluid mix as it ran down her thighs.

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  1. Yesterday I was nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award, I have nominated you too. Please look at my blog. ???

  2. It is an intense story. Well done Rebel!

    It is an eye-opener to me to read about how wide the range is how people enjoy sexual pleasure. To read about her submission is thrilling. Bu it is still not the kind of story I like to read.

    It reminds me of your accounts of the Belgian Dom?

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