Fishnet Frenzy

I love fishnets!


I have fishnet tights, fishnet stockings, fishnet body stockings, fishnet dresses and recently acquired myself some fishnet gloves. I especially love the traditional diamond shaped fishnets. There is something just so sexy to them.

Back in my younger days and up to maybe not even so many years ago, fishnets were believed to be something only a ‘bad girl’ should wear. ‘Good girls’ didn’t wear fishnets as it makes them look cheap and… yep, whore-y. I have never believed this and when I looked at the women who dared to wear it, the look on my face might have seemed one of disapproval, but believe me, it was one of envy. I wanted to wear fishnets too, but I didn’t have the guts.

Until some years ago when I finally bought my first pair. It felt so good on me and it made me feel incredibly sexy. It transformed a perfectly plain black skirt to something super-hot! Back in the days when I only just started wearing fishnets, I only wore them to non-public places and for sexy dates. I didn’t want anyone to see me in them and I think this still had to do with my upbringing that fishnets are trashy. Over the years I have grown to the point where I am now, pairing fishnets with normal tights (pantyhose) and wearing them when we go to our regular hangout. I have yet to wear them to my work, but know the time will come.

Apart from the fishnet tights, I also love to wear my body stockings. I don’t wear these much, but one thing I love about wearing them is the way Master T changes when he sees me in them. He loves them. It makes him want to touch and fuck me, and who am I to complain. The first body stocking I owned (and still do) is one which has long sleeves. It’s lovely and comfortable to wear, but there is no way I can wear this outside of the house. You see, I never wear long sleeved dresses, because it makes me feel flushed and wearing the body stocking under that will be too hot. Because of this I went hunting for a body stocking which I can wear under a dress or a skirt, and I found one. I am still to wear it, but as soon as we have things ‘back on track’ over here, I certainly will.

The fishnet dress I have has only been bought for pictures, as has the fishnet gloves, which reminds me that both of them still have to feature in some of my images. I have a growing collection of photo props and once our bedroom is re-done (in May) I am planning to have a couple of solo photo sessions and lots of those props will be used then.

Something else I still have to use for photos is the bright pink fishnet tights I have bought some time ago. I should actually have gotten the blue and red ones they had too, but settled only for the pink pair. You have been warned, those photos will be on this blog sometime in the future!

Speaking of photos: last year, after my mom passed and after we had cleared out her house and still had the thing for three more weeks because even though she died we still had a month’s notice, we decided to use it for photos. This was the ideal opportunity for photos, despite the sad times. Knowing that my mom approved of my blog and writing about sex, I think she would have approved of the images too. You have seen several of those photos here over the past months, such as Convergent, Exposure, Centered, Scissoring and Emotions.

The image below has been taken on the same day and is now on the front and the back of my newest business card!

business card
The business card…

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8 thoughts on “Fishnet Frenzy

  1. I love them too. I wore them in my goth days as a fashion statement but even then I knew the effect they have!

  2. myself, i never saw the “attraction” of fishnets, when my husband and i 1st got together, asked him point blank, what if i wore fishnets with this skirt, or with this dress, or wore them to bed? he didnt say much at all… i took that as a big NO. he’d rather see me in suntan or nude pantyhose or stockings. thats what i prefer as well. 🙂

    my GF wore them (for me) one time, she looked great in them, :-)~

  3. I love the way that the fishnets have become part of the expression of change in you and that you now feel you are able to celebrate that more openly than in the past. You look amazing in this picture: strong and sexy and I am sure that your mum would be proud.

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