Bee Buzz

While testing the Queen Bee and trying to get the vibrations to work for me, I shot a couple of images and I really loved the puffiness of my labia in this image, which takes the attention away from the unflattering tummy roll above (I shouldn’t have pointed that out, right?)

Queen Bee
The buzzzzz of the Bee…

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15 thoughts on “Bee Buzz

  1. It is funny as I so relate to what you are saying about the tummy roll. It seems so obvious on me but I don’t notice at all on you. A great picture 🙂

  2. I love the image…and I often have the same problem with my own.
    If it weren’t for that infernal roll…but then I see other people’s photographs and realize it doesn’t matter, and in many instances, it just adds to the softness. Like this one. The hills and valleys of your body are feminine and sumptuous.

  3. Now I have “Buzz buzz buzz (Will you be my honey?)” stuck in my head! Looks like a fun toy, and I like how the photo feels a bit voyeuristic given the lighting (it reminds me of looking at something with night vision goggles for some reasons…).

  4. Hmmmm I’ve looked at this queen bee, looks so much fun but if I remember correctly it was quite pricey. I guess you have to pay well for very good toys. Xxxxx

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