Never call a stomach a tummy without very good reason.
~ William Strink Jr.

I am now officially 50-plus and as menopause has set in some years ago and seems to be very intense these days, I also have a tummy. This is not an excuse, but just something that is part of me, and where there are days that I wish I had a flat tummy again, the way I had when I was much younger and fitter, I mostly have accepted my tummy. It’s only when it’s too prominently seen on images that I cringe away and wish I could hide it, but other than that, it is what it is. I particularly like what my tummy look like in this image, despite it not being flat…

My tummy is rounded and bigger than it should be, but I don’t hate it as much all the time as I used to…

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2 thoughts on “Tummy

  1. It’s a beautiful photo and I never know if this helps or not, but as someone who never had a flat stomach and feels like I’m just getting bigger, I love your stomach and I wish mine looked like yours. ?

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