A good goal is like a strenuous exercise – it makes you stretch.
~ Mary Kay Ash

My life is filled with goals. Goals for my work, goals for my family, goals for this blog. My Passion Planner keeps track of those goals, or rather, I keep track of my goals in my Passion Planner. Without it, I will be lost. No. I don’t mean without the planner, but without goals. I cannot imagine my life not having any goals. I have colleagues who come to their work, go home, clean the house and come to their work again. Yes, I know those are goals too, but they have no hobbies, no activities outside of work and chores. I would not be able to live my life like that.

We are almost two months into this year and already I am proud of what I have done up to now:

  • Started a photography course;
  • Started the Smut Marathon;
  • Done a series of self photographs and shared it.

These are only three of my many goals, but those are the ones that come to mind now and which I am, at this moment, particularly grateful of. The photography course is doing a lot to bond even deeper with my oldest daughter, a child who has once pushed me away because of my sex writing, but has now accepted it, because she has seen that I am still mom, despite my ‘activities’ (of which she has no inside knowledge). My photography course has also sparked an interest in Master T, has given him something positive to focus on and seems to be pulling him back from the edge of the abyss he has been staring in for far too long.

As for the Smut Marathon, I am proud of how it is going, despite some bumps along the way. Even though this is the fifth writing marathon I am organizing, it is the first for the English community and it is so much different than it was for the Dutch. I already have some notes of things I want to change for next year, to fine-tune the marathon and make it a pleasant and exciting experience for everyone!

Then, my series of self photographs. I know you keep on seeing images from the two sessions I have had up to now, but there will be more sessions in future and those images will be shared too. This is something I have to get used to. In both these sessions I have just jumped in and started taking photos with no plan, no ideas. I needed to see if I could pull it off and I think I have managed to do so. Seeing images I have taken of my self and not hating them has been a huge step for me. The further we moved into the month and the more I shared, the better I felt about it and the less I saw my flaws. Or rather, I saw my flaws but they didn’t seem to bother me as much every time as they did before. I will work with a plan and a list for the next photo session, and can hardly wait until May, when we will have our bedroom painted, carpeted and get new furniture. In the new setup, I will have a corner in the bedroom where I can setup my ‘studio’ and make as many photos of myself my heart desires! I look forward to it!

It’s good to have goals, and I tend to make a list of them. Once I cross out one, I always have several others I can add to my list. No one can be without goals, even if they are as simple as going to work and then back home to do chores.

A bit of a stretch, but I am sure the only goal I thought of here was taking this picture…

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6 thoughts on “Stretch

  1. I love your curves in the unusual perspective in this.

    I’m a big list person, less so a goal-maker. I’m really impressed with your goal- making and attaining though. And glad the photography is helping Mister T.

  2. I am so impressed with your determination and focus. I am also intrigued by your comments re the value of photography for Master T. I have a friend who’s been clawing his way back up through photos too. Trying to help in the process by acting as model and companion. Early days but I am hopeful.
    This is an unusual point of view for a photograph, but I love the sense of your twisted body contained by the mesh garment.
    Indie xx

    1. Thanks, Indie. I am so happy that something sparks Master T’s interest again and since photography is something we both like a lot, spending time with him while creating is brilliant 🙂

  3. I like goals and lists. I’m a big list person. I’ve hit struggle street though. I love that quote, I’d never heard it before. Good luck with your goals.

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