High Seas & Layers #SoSS #16

Yesterday my weekend was off to a horrible start and made me realize just how fragile my mental health is. I call it ‘mental health’ for lack of a better term at this moment.
There are three roads I can take home – two of them take me around the city and the other right through it. One of the highways around the city was closed, so I had two options. I opted for the highway, but when I stood still for about 20 minutes, I thought I would rather drive through the city to at least keep on moving. Normally it takes me about 30-35 minutes to drive home from work on a Friday. Yesterday it took me almost two hours more. I was more or less okay until I parked my car. Then anger and disappointment and tiredness all enveloped me like a heavy blanket. I walked inside, gave Master T a kiss, put down my bags, took off my coat and my glasses and went to the loo. There I cried. Not only because of the traffic jam, but also because it’s my birthday tomorrow and I don’t want it to be. I fucking miss my mom so much that I don’t have words for it.

This morning I am still not back to my ‘cheery’ self of the last weeks, but let’s get back into working mode so I can push all those feelings way back and show the world everything’s okay. That I’m okay.

Sexy writing

We should respect the ways others live their lives, as long as they don’t harm anyone. This is something I say a lot and reading the post by Luv Bunny, In pursuit of pleasure- is Hedonism selfish? I had to think of that. I should add that someone should not harm him-/herself either, but yes, we should enjoy life, because it’s short enough as it is!

A post about all kinds of power and the belief that a s holds the power in a D/s relationship, but where Rabbit in Chains rightfully asks: Who Holds The Power?

I have shared some of his posts in the past, and this story is just brilliant: The Dastardly Dom sails the High Seas. Do you like pirate stories? Then you should follow this as it might be turned into a Wicked Wednesday series.

Hot images

This is such a sexy and playful image by Steeled Snake: Oops. There is something in it that invites you to be naughty too.

The edit of this image, Livvy’s nipple being pulled, is brilliant. The overexposed edit makes the image incredibly strong.

I want to run my hand over Hy’s tummy, then up, then down again… Rest.

This minimalist photo by Maria Opens Up is absolutely gorgeous. She might be Locked in the Mirror but she looks so damn sexy!

Oooh I think this is so cool, the way Molly has layered two images in her post, A layer of flowers – two beautiful images made into one.


There are always prompts of memes you can join in with and these are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Kink of the week Scratching 15 to 28 February 2018
Masturbation Monday Week 182 (Missy) 22 to 27 February 2018
Wicked Wednesday 300 24 February to 1 March 2018
Sinful Sunday Rule of Thirds 4 March 2018
Food for Thought F4TF #36 – Je Ne Regrette Rien? 23 February to 1 March 2018
Art Twist #3 Danaë by Gustav Klimt 22 February – 8 March 2018

Last week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday was ‘pirates’ for which 14 posts were link. Jack of Frisky in the 916 chose the following posts as his top 3:


Last week this time, the first voting round was almost done. This week the writers are working on the second assignment and they have another week to send it in. If you are curious to know who was the public winner, the jury winner and the overall winner, you should hop over to the Smut Marathon site for the results. There you can also see the rankings of the 75 authors.

Tips & tricks

I think many writers who are just starting out can benefit by reading this article: Why I Use an Editor by Pixie Heart, posted on The Smutlancer website.

Last but not least

This is the last Saturday of the February Photofest, which means I can share one more image of me in this section. Since it’s weekend and mine didn’t start out the way it should have, I think I am entitled to some lazying around, don’t you?

Lazy afternoons…

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February Photofest 2018

4 thoughts on “High Seas & Layers #SoSS #16

  1. I totally understand missing a parent who’s passed before your birthday ((HUGS)). You’re such a strong, courageous woman. Thank you for being an inspiration in perseverance.

  2. So sorry your Friday drive home was so long and stressful. You need some you time. Hope you have a good birthday despite missing your mom so much. She’d want you to be enjoying yourself I’m sure. Hugs and thank you for sharing this round-up xxx

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