Votes & Boots #SoSS #14

This has been a hectic week and I am looking forward to some downtime today, while going out for lunch with my girl Sophia and her man and visiting a sex(y) shop with them. At this shop they make cuffs and whips and clothes by hand – all with leather. I might just get myself something sexy, who knows.

One thing I did this week was to go out with the girls. Both my daughters (the one in her thirties, the other almost 20) took a friend with them and my best friend was going to be there too, but unfortunately she got the terrible flu that’s going around and had to stay home. We went to the ladies night of Fifty Shades Freed. This was the first time I went to a ladies night, and also the last, because I don’t like all the comedy around it, where they try to ‘entertain’ the women. I’ll go out with the girls gain, but then on a regular movie night. And, the movie… well I think you can guess what I thought of it.
Okay, okay… the soundtrack is really good.

Let’s concentrate on things that are really sexy and much better than Fifty Shades!

Sexy writing

This is a repost from March 2016, but I love Melina’s writing so much that I just had to include ‘Caught Watching‘ here. Go read this and all her other posts!

Karin Bird posts about telling others about her kinky lifestyle and the way they reacted to that. Read Disclosure to see what she has to say about this; how she handles this.

Sometimes life just takes us by the hand and leads us on paths we don’t really want to go. I am definitely in favor of posting both the good and the bad on our blogs, to show the full picture and that is exactly what Nilla is doing in her post A Bit of a Sad.

Hot images

Submiss34f has totally blown me away with her image: “How do you like your eggs in the morning?” – it’s stunning!

This post is about boots and has been linked for two memes, but the reason I am adding it to this roundup is because of the image. Damn, it’s SO hot!

I love that Kayla Lords and John Brownstone are posting images for February Photofest from their own perspectives, and I love this image of Kayla’s butt, from John’s perspective.


There are always prompts of memes you can join in with and these are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Kink of the week Boots 1 to 15 February 2018
Masturbation Monday Week 180 (Tits and Test Tubes) 8 to 13 February 2018
Wicked Wednesday Time Travel 10 to 15 February 2018
Sinful Sunday Rule of Thirds 4 March 2018
Food for Thought F4TF #34 – Out Of Kilter 15 February 2018
Art Twist #3 New prompt not posted yet To follow

Last week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday was ‘rainbow’ for which 21 posts were link. Dr. J. Author chose the following posts as her top 3:


T O M O R R O W   I S   T H E   B I G   D A Y !!!

Sorry, I just had to get that out there. But seriously, tomorrow is the big day. The deadline for the first assignment is today at midnight and tomorrow the voting round will go live. It stays open until 17 February close to midnight, so you have an entire week to read entries, prepare feedback (not compulsory, but the writers learn through feedback) and vote for the best.

So please, if you don’t follow the Smut Marathon blog just yet, hop over and sign up at the top of the sidebar. You will never miss a thing again!

Remember, your vote counts!

Tips & tricks

Some good advice and thoughts in this post: Why the Twitter Shadowban Matters…and Why It Doesn’t.

Girly Juice has some good advice for you: Take Your Sweetheart to a Sex Shop.

Last but not least

Just like last week, I am sharing a photo for February Photofest. This one is from the same series as I have shared last week and where I don’t like my arm in the foreground, I do love how my eyes are pulled towards my naughty hand…

hand in pants
Escaped nipples and a naughty hand…

© Rebel’s Notes


February Photofest 2018

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