Great things are done when men and mountains meet.
~ William Blake

When I chose this image for today, one title sprang to mind: Mountains.
That’s what I felt my buttocks represent and definitely not in a negative way, because I actually like what my ass looks like here. I have tried to use quotes on all posts for this year’s February Photofest posts, so naturally when I wanted a quote for this post, I searched for quotes about mountains.

Can you imagine the smile on my face when I found the quote above?

I know how much Master T loves my ass and I know there are other men out there who likes it a lot too. As you know, I am also into anal sex and this quote made me think of that. Yes, great things happen when men and mountains meet. When men meet my mountains and slip between them to enter the valley below… oh just the thought of it. The thought of feeling a cock opening up my darker opening, slipping inside, hurting me, but at the same time bringing me a mountain of pleasure… yes please!

Approach through the valley between my legs and nestle yourself between my mountains…

© Rebel’s Notes

4 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. I actually like what your ass looks like here too. And I like that you like anal sex.

    Am I that shallow that you can read me so easily? 🙂

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