A Love Of Self

self love

“Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.”
~ Caroline Kirk

Today is the first day of the February Photofest 2018 and the fifth year I participate in this meme, which is another brainchild of the beautiful Molly Moore. When Molly first blogged and tweeted about the 2018 edition, I at first thought that I would not participate as I had absolutely NO idea what to do. I have lots of images in our archives, but very little new images, because of Master T’s depression. I don’t want to put pressure on him for photos, so the best idea was to sit this one out.

Then… an idea popped into my head.


I have never done it before – not with a real camera, that is. At first I wondered if I could pull it off, but slowly I warmed to the idea. Sometimes in the middle of the night I had ideas on what kind of photos I could take and share. First thing I thought I needed was photo backgrounds, because at this moment I don’t really have space to take any photos. The only space is our bedroom, which is mostly a mess because of the disbalance of furniture and storage space. All of this will change in May, when our bedroom will be re-painted, new carpets will be put in and all odds and ends of furniture will be thrown out and we will get new furniture. Our bedroom is quite big, and because the new furniture will have lots of storage space, I can create a space in our bedroom for photos, on the one side of the new bed. With the photo backgrounds I now have, I can created nice backdrops for photos.

But, as I say, all of that only happens in May, but February is NOW.

So this past Sunday, with the limited space I have and with the black backdrop, my new (Nikon D5600 camera) and a small tripod, I started off with the project for this month: self love through self-photography.

self love
A view on a nipple…

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February Photofest 2018