“It’s not about finding relevance or perfection or imperfection in objects, but it’s that you can accept yourself and then go out and accept others.”
~ Jeff Koons

Looking at the image below for the first time when it came off the camera, some of the first things I thought were not very kind to me. The very first thing I saw is a hint of my belly, as it hung forward while I was taking the photo. Yes, I know you cannot see my belly, but look at my hips. See, there it is. What about those red things – whatever they are called. There’s on between my breasts and one right in my tattoo. And… stretch marks…

Those were the things I saw at first.

But then, as I scrolled through the photos trying to decide which ones I want to use for this project, I saw other things. I love the new blond color of my hair. I love my freckles (which I really have all over my body) and suddenly those red things were just part of my body. I love the curves in the image and when I realized this, I didn’t mind the slight ‘roll’ on my hips anymore. And my tits, damn… I have always loved them. Okay, not always, because there was a time when they were really really small, but I love them. I love to feel them in my hand. Love to feel my nipples respond to touch. As I looked at my breasts and thought about these things, I didn’t even see the stretch marks anymore.

I have come to a point in my life where I am actually not unhappy with my body anymore. In fact, I want to celebrate it!

naked breasts
I love all my little ‘imperfections’

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10 thoughts on “Imperfections

  1. Beautiful, we are all a bundle of imperfections and to others it is often those things that make us beautiful but to ourselves we see them as flaws.


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