Self-esteem and self-love are the opposites of fear: the more you like yourself, the less you fear anything.
~ Brian Tracy

I have seen others taken full frontal images of themselves and have absolutely love their images. As I was setting up my camera in the bedroom, I sat naked on the bed while the camera connected on the phone. The first image I saw was part of me on the screen. Half of me. I thought it would make a nice image, and with those other images in mind, I took a couple. I straightened my back and clicked the button to take the image.

I only saw the image again when I downloaded it from the camera. I didn’t like it. My tummy looks too large. My breast doesn’t look as firm on the image as it in fact is. The photo was not good and I decided that I don’t want to share it.

Then I remembered… this month was about self-love. Self-love through self-photography. I looked at the image again. I traveled back in time to when I was younger and remembered what I looked like then. But, I thought of more. My body carried and delivered two healthy babies. It was fairly good at gymnastics and it carried me through five years of military service. It gave me lots of pleasure (and others too). My body is always with me, and where it might not be the ideal of every other person, it is mine. I should love it. It has done so much for me, meant so much to me, so how could I hate it?

I looked at the picture again and turned it into black and white. Everything I saw in the color photo was still there, but the version in grey-tones help to see me in a more positive way. For now, the color version is still a bit harsh… but I know it will get better. Not the photo, but the way I look at it…

half of me
Showing half of me… and trying to love it.

© Rebel’s Notes

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13 thoughts on “Honest

  1. Whatever your size, whatever your look, before you do anything else, you must learn to love yourself! You have value and you are beautiful!

  2. A wonderful photo, edited beautifully. It is so difficult for us to see what others do, or indeed what we might see some time later. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. It’s wild how critical we are of ourselves – or, rather, how critical media and companies make us. I think your body looks really good in this photo; the framing is wonderful, and the black background makes the image pop so nicely.

  4. I really love the composition of this photo. And I think you look amazing, but I know how easy it is to spot flaws when it is your own body. I really admire you for sharing a photograph you initially felt uncomfortable with. It is seeing posts like this that gives me the strength to try to see my own body in a more positive light.
    Aurora x

  5. Our bodies are funny things – I remember photos from a few years ago that I hated then – now I look at them and think wow that’s fab- I know what you mean about “the way you look at it” will get better…
    Lovely photo from this viewpoint xx

  6. A lovely photo . . . and I know exactly what you mean about the self-doubts we all feel I’m sure.
    But that quote . . . and your own words . . . are so true.
    Acceptance of who we are and where we came from, make us a better, stronger, more loving person.
    Bravo !!!
    Xxx – K

  7. Ive been struggling with my body for a while, is constant tug of war, I look back three years ago and compare myself to now and I wish I looked like that again, Didnt appreciate it when I had now I wish I could go back

  8. I love these pictures Marie. Our bodies-of-a-certain-age have travelled and produced and pleased and been pleasured. Important to celebrate!

    Karin @ The Swing Shift xx

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