Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.
~ Maya Angelou

Sometimes we talk about someone and say they had a ‘colorful’ life, which might mean they have done interesting things but might also mean they have metaphorically climbed the highest mountains and went through the lowest valleys. Life is all about ups and downs, isn’t it? I have gone through my life, always trying to help people, sometimes at my own expense. And you know what, I will keep on doing it, because that’s just who I am. I’ve had quite a ‘colorful’ life and in the process, I have also added a bit of color to my body. I love this image where you can see two of my three tattoos. If you have been following this blog for some time you know the meaning of the tattoo on my leg (of which you see only a glimpse here), but I don’t think I have ever mentioned what the tattoo on my back represents.

Those three flowers are my three kids, two born from my womb and one I have raised as my own. Three kids who are so much alike, yet all so different. I will go through hell for them, if I have to. I love them to bits.
Looking at the image, I don’t only see my tattoo. I see the curve of my back, the creases of my body, the stretch marks on my bottom and for once I cannot find one negative feeling. Somehow this image makes me feel strong and beautiful and sexy, and I cannot explain why!

A colorful life and a colorful body…

© Rebel’s Notes

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9 thoughts on “Colors

  1. You are such a strong, beautiful woman. I love the stories behind this image and the love you feel for yourself in viewing it.

  2. This is a beautiful image.
    I always view you as strong, powerful and educated…..I admire everything you do here 🙂

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