Changing Rhythm #SoSS #9

Last week I didn’t do a #SoSS post because I reserved the space for my top 20 list, which means that this week’s #SoSS edition is the roundup of posts for the last two weeks. However, in reviewing all I have on my plate this year, things I want to do, I have decided that my #SoSS will be a fortnightly thing. This was not an easy decision. I constantly changed it in my calendar, from a fortnightly thing and back to a weekly one, then back to fortnightly again. Finally I just did it. I made the decision because it was necessary. With the Smut Marathon soon starting and knowing that it’s a lot of work, but also wanting to get back to my second book, I had to make this decision in order to keep sane.

So, here goes…

Sexy writing

Reading this I found myself nodding and saying ‘yes, yes, YES!’. GOTN’s fantasy Strap me to a table and give me as a gift is definitely one I share too!

It’s those unexpected moments that seem to be extra hot, like in this post of Kayla Lords: I Didn’t Expect to be Fucked.

“Ignorance is bliss”, says Livvy and sometimes I think naivety is too. Livvy talks about her fears of falling pregnant in her post Baby, Baby and even though I have three children, sometimes I wonder how my life would have turned out if I didn’t fall pregnant at 16 but took the time to think about having a family.

Now I think this what Taryn did is a darn interesting thing to do: What I Learned by Tracking My Orgasms. I can only imagine how insightful it must be to track one’s orgasms.

Ella says there are no sexy shenanigans in her piece of writing Untrustworthy Heart and she’s right, but it’s still damn good writing and coming from deep inside her heart.

Are you interest in a threesome but you have no idea whether you are doing it ‘right’? Read How to Be a Good Couple to Threesome With for some great tips!

Hot images

If you want to see one damn hot image, go look at this one by Cara Thereon: A kitten by the door.

I love how Sub Bee has made a compilation of one favorite Sinful Sunday image from each month of 2017.

Her nipple is prominently in the foreground, showing her response to thought and touch, but what also caught my attention in this image is the view down the length of her body. Beautiful!

I do love wax play and seeing this image by Rose, definitely made me long for it again.


I have mentioned it in the beginning, but it’s too important not to mention it again. Two weeks from today, on 20 January, the entries for the Smut Marathon 2018 will close. Make sure you sign up for this experience. Just some things you should know about it:

  • The number of words you are allowed to write for assignments start out low in the first rounds and gradually increases. Read the rules to see just how this competition works.
  • There’s a fixed planning for the Smut Marathon 2018, which you might want to check, especially if you have signed up or are about to sign up.
  • You don’t need to own a blog to participate. All you need is a name, your email address and a bio to sign up,
  • It’s challenging and lots of fun!

So, come on, sign up now!

Last but not least

Always remember to check out the weekly memes like Sinful Sunday, Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday!

You might have seen the pop-up on my site(s) where you can sign up for a newsletter. The first edition of that newsletter – Rebel’s Weekly Smuttery – will go out this weekend. Have you signed up yet?

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