I Couldn’t Not #SoSS #10

Yes, I know.

Last week I said I have decided to make this a fortnightly thing, but I can’t. I just can’t. All through this week I kept on thinking I have to write this post. I want to write this post. Want. To.
So here I am, sharing links from the past week again and yes, this will definitely be a weekly thing!

When I started doing #SoSS I designed the badge I use at the bottom of my posts. I have seen it pop up on many other sites, which in a way is quite rewarding, but on the other hand makes me feel weird and I don’t know why. There’s even a Twitter account for #SoSS that’s using my badge as their profile pic. Only thing is that I have no idea who’s behind the account and I would love to know!

Sexy writing

I am a sucker for threesomes and this one has a bit of a twist in it. See if you can find it in Cimmerian Sentiment’s story, Ditched.

Blind dates can go terribly wrong or they can be A Promise of More like Brad and Sally found out on their blind date! I love this story by Stella Kiink.

I like how The Zen Nudist wonders how it would feel to be a woman for one day. In his post Intellectual Curiosity, he touces (pun intended) on the subject of sex, but also of writing about sex from the female perspective.

This is not a sexy post, but definitely needs to be mentioned here. Do you recognize yourself in Indie’s post ‘Some perils of being a sex blogger’?

Hot images

I have an absolute weakness for upskirt photos, so Tits and Test Tubes definitely had me with hers. The colors in this image are brilliant too!

This seems like such a simple image by Eye, but there is something in it that draws me in, that makes me want to see more. Sunday mornings are the best!

I never thought I would say that brushing your teeth is sexy, but Little Switch Bitch posted this photo and yes, brushing your teeth is sexy, especially if you do it the way she does!


Let me remind you about the Smut Marathon again.

You have one more week – I repeat: one more week – to enter for the Smut Marathon 2018.

On Twitter I have already declared the Smut Marathon a success, but for now I am keeping quiet about the number of entries I have received up to now,

Come on! Hop over to the site and enter for THE erotic writing competition of 2018!

Tips & tricks

If you want to earn money with your blog you should definitely work through the Smutlancer website, but this week I want to point you to the newest post on the site: 7 Ways to Promote Yourself and Get Hired. I am definitely going to pay close attention to this post. Are you?

Last but not least

Always remember to check out the weekly memes like Sinful Sunday, Masturbation Monday  and Wicked Wednesday!

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