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My daily routine, on days I have to go to the office, is to sit at our dining room table, have my breakfast, read a bit of Twitter, a bit of Facebook and maybe a bit of news. By 7am I am in the car on my way to work, where I start at 7.30am. I normally arrive home just after 5pm and since I never cook, the first thing I do after I have kissed Master T, is to take my laptop out of the drawer of my new desk and switch it on. The rest of the evening I sit behind my desk, facing Master T and watching TV in between. Multitasking all evening…

Rebel's desk
My new desk, which was more or less a Christmas present, has become part of my daily routine.

Now, since this is my ‘office’ where I can do whatever I want, I thought it was time to make my first selfie at my desk.

in my home office
And of course I had to show some flesh…

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Sinful Sunday

17 thoughts on “Daily Desk

  1. Oh my god…your desk is so clean! I only noticed because I saw the first picture first. The second image makes your clean desk less of an overwhelm for me…so thank you for calming me down a bit. Now I have to go clean my desk.

  2. What a perfect gift! And…I must admit…the orderliness and neatness of it impressed me greatly. I might be a little OCD about keeping my desk organized lol.

    And that tattoo…gorgeous, Marie.

  3. Now we have an office set up properly it feels wonderful, although I have to admit I use it for ‘proper’ work or picking images/scheduling posts only. I usually write on the sofa on my iPad or on the train as I have two hours a day on one. A desk is for my paid work only but I think a desk selfie maybe in order!

  4. Ooh Marie . . . I did think your desk looked too clean and clinical at first.

    But then I scrolled down . . . and things became much more interesting!!!

    Lovely . . . and I’m always impressed by that tattoo !!!

    Xxx – K

  5. mmmmm i like your new desk, and think the picture is delightful – looking forward to seeing more of you draped over the desk – naked of course 🙂 hope you both have a lovely relaxing sunday. your weekday morning starts so early and on these cold mornings brrrrrrrrrrrrr would be nicer to be tucked up in bed – but needs drive as they say xoxoxo

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