Reading Sex Blogs

He has been reading this sex blog for months and each time he sees a photo of the voluptuous blog owner, he feels his loins stir. This morning is the same. It’s just after six in the morning and with his morning he now sits staring at the sexy images on his screen. His wife is still sleeping, but looking down at his erection he knows it will not be for long. She’s not only his wife, but also his sub.

Liam shakes Abby’s shoulder to wake her.
“Get up, I want to show you something.”
Still half asleep she sits in front of the computer where the half naked image can still be seen.
“And, what do you think? She’s beautiful, right?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good, then I want you to study that round ass and masturbate.”
“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Abby spreads her legs and caresses herself while she looks at the image. It takes a while before she really enjoys it, but Liam understands. He has woken her from a deep sleep and she’s really not a morning person, but she will obey him in everything he asks, within their set limits.
“I’m going to come, Sir. May I?”
“Yes, good slut of mine.”
Immediately Abby’s body starts to shake as her orgasm took it in its grip.

“There’s a second photo,” Liam says, “do you want to see it too?”
This is a rhetorical question, as both of them know that Abby will not say no.
“Yes, Sir, I want to see it.”
Liam moves the mouse around, clicks on an arrow on the screen and the second image appears. Where the round ass of the sex blogger coud be clearly seen in the first, it is now in close-up on the screen.

“Doesn’t that just make you horny?”
“Yes Sir, she has a beautiful behind.”
“My thoughts exactly. Come on, I want you to masturbate again.”

Abby immediately obeys. Where the early hour is never easy for her, the early hour in combination with the first orgasm makes it even more difficult for her. Liam knows this and he also knows that despite that she’s wet and she really likes looking at the nude image in front of her, she’s also thinking about going back to bed. Finding the horniness inside her is difficult under these circumstances. He looks at her and is proud of how she tries, how she obeys. She’s fully naked and making him proud by trying to climax again. Her breathing is loud, but it’s more from working hard to climax again than from excitement. Liam enjoys the spectacle and is even harder now than he was before. It takes Abby the better part of twenty minutes before she finally asks for permission to orgasm.

She thanks Liam for her second orgasm and waits for his next order.
“Beautiful of you to climax so early in the morning,” he praises her, “did you fall in love with her bottom?”
He’s teasing her and loves to see the blush forming on her cheeks.
“Yes, Sir.”
“Get on your knees!”

Abby quickly drops to her knees in front of him. He holds his erection in front of her face and she spontaneously opens her mouth, without any orders from him. Eager girl, he thinks. She sucks and he fucks her mouth. Quite quickly, while glancing over at the naked bottom of the sex blogger, Liam spurts in Abby’s mouth. She knows the rule: to keep er mouth open so he can see his sperm inside.
“You may swallow,” he said.
Abby swallows every drop and then opens her mouth again to show Liam that everything is gone.

“You’re such a good girl,” he said. “If you want, you can go back to bed.”
Abby jumped up, hugged him and with a ‘thank you, Sir’ she quickly went back to the bedroom.

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  1. A very sexy story, I love looking at women’s bodies so would find the coming bit easy. Really like how it was a sex blogger, made me smile 😉 xx

  2. mmmm i think i ned to rub my morning erection having just read your story

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